Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GeogiaAnneMuldrow on FRESH SELECTS!!

It seems FRESH SELECTS gets everything first.
Check out the newest on the site today:
>>>"Got another world debut for you guys today - this time its yet another from the multi-talented, Georgia Anne Muldrow, with an exclusive sneak peak into her upcoming solo album, Umsindo. The album is a dedication to the African ancestors (Umsindo means “sound” in Zulu) and the song I have for you today, entitled “E.S.P.,” is a heartfelt tribute to her partner Dudley Perkins’ daughter, and the ancestors that live on within her. Musically, Umsindo is a return-to-form of sorts, for those of us who were lucky enough to hear Georgia’s pre-Worthnothings demo/sampler - this is her closest work to that since then, but with all the added growth and upped production skills to boot." <<FRESHSELECTS.NET

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