Monday, April 28, 2008

Mama wants..

ALIFE x ROCKWELL for Queen's Day..

Normally, I'm not really into the red, white and blue look, but these are pretty fly. Available
Get them here

Monday, April 21, 2008

fREE MUSIC: GO LADIES!!!! Waajeed of PPP brings heat

WRONGLIPS is starting a new series featuring some of the best free music available out there. that's right, free! check back regularly to get linked with the hottest free mixes available on the web.


Check Sirius Radio for an hour-long guest mix filled w/ exclusives highlighting the female talents of the Bling47 crew & all its affiliates.

Produced by Waajeed of Platinum Pied Pipers for the Bling47 Group, this dope mix featuring some of Wronglips' favorite heavy-hitters such as Ayah, Estelle, PPP featuring Monica Blaire and Tiombe Lockhart, Neco Redd, Invincible, Platinum Village, Jazmine Sullivan, Rozzi Daime featuring SA-RA, and Little Dragon who recently graced our blog.

stream, donwload and enjoy here.

More on Habana!

The opening at Habana Outpost was a great kick off to summer. Beautiful people, sunshine and bangin' music by Dj Dhundee. Check out more flicks on my photoblog, Cultura Shokku.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hey Ladies!!!

Batch #2. More ladies on the scene making some serious moves.


Ogechi doesn't take any shit, wont let you waste her time and will say whats on her mind whether it offends you or not. I know this, and I have never even met her. The people who love Ogechi talk about her with enthusiasm and humor, ready to have her back until the end. I wont dare to "label" her, but I will say, she is an amazing artist and the work I have seen of hers is thought provoking and in your face..

WHAT DO YOU DO? well, i don't do labels. no, really. i do what i want.
BEATS… rhymes, life
TRUE SEXY IS… confidence, realness
MUSIC IS MY… medicine
ART DOES NOT… leave you without a heightened awareness of who you are and the world around you.
MY NIGHTS ARE… electric.
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… colors, movement, introspection
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … is key. make time for it.
ENOUGH OF … believing the media lies & bullshit.
MY CREATIVITY IS… limitless.
TRUE POWER IS… willpower and self-control
LIFE CAN BE THE... sweetest dream or worst nightmare depending on what you make it.
TO LOVE IS TO… be yourself 24/7.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…. that's the only thing of value in this world.
IN 2009, ILL BE... greased lightning!

Peep the technique:

Christina Rimstad

Photographer/Graphic Design/Marketing-Machine

I have personally watched this woman bloom and take over the city within what seemed to be minutes. She is known for her fierce "say I won't" fire, tackling parties and shows with her camera and getting amazing shots. On the promo tip, she steady grinds in many directions getting the news to the streets. I would include a link to some shots, but
she is keeping them on lock...

WHAT DO YOU DO? Too many things
TRUE BEAUTY IS…confidence
TRUE SEXY IS…loving yourself
MUSIC IS MY…passion
ART DOES NOT…general
MY NIGHTS ARE…burning the midnight oil working
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…luscious lips, bangin' booty, strong arms
SELF-KNOWLEDGE…is powerful
ENOUGH OF…the bullshit
MY CREATIVITY IS…an amazing gift
LIFE CAN BE THE...incredibly awesome!
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….I'm ill with it

Peep the technique:
Rye Rye in Minneapolis.....

Singer/Producer/Tech Geek/Musician

Normally I like to do a brief intro for each of our ladies that shine, but I think I better let her explain herself so I dont butcher it..

I'm finishing up my full length album, History Forgets the Pollen of the Flower, for release early fall on my own label Elektrocardio. I'm graduating from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU next month, an art and design graduate program that specializes in humanizing technology. I'm currently building the Chaka Khantroller for my thesis project, prêt-à-porter midi control for live performance so I can control my own set with vocal effects and visuals."

WHAT DO YOU DO? i produce, sing, and obsess over using technology to accentuate spirit
TRUE BEAUTY IS… self-love
BEATS… awaken my kundalini
TRUE SEXY IS… handlin bizness
MUSIC IS MY… path to the truth
ART DOES NOT… reflect the artists character.. it reflects the artists purpose
MY NIGHTS ARE… spent dreaming of my return to source
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… contrast, message, movement
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … is a never-ending journey
ENOUGH OF … insincerity.
MY CREATIVITY IS… limitless when i'm paying attention
TRUE POWER IS… knowing you have it all and so does everyone else
LIFE CAN BE THE... reflection of your dreams or the reflection of your nightmares
TO LOVE IS TO… loving to be yourself
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…. the universe tells me so
IN 2009, ILL BE... climbing a palm tree

Peep the technique:





Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pleasure without the risk..

The time has come. Time to talk about the "M" word. Masturbation. (Yes, I'm going there)... As women, I feel like our experiences are different than men when learning the art of self pleasure. Some of us like to light candles, pour a glass of Henn and rub one out with a spliff. Others prefer to bring a trusty waterproof favorite to the shower and handle it like business before the 9-5. While some demand to keep the experience completely romantic and solo, others enjoy including a partner, audience or element of risk to enhance the moment. The different styles, methods, fantasies and techniques are as unique and individual as the orgasm itself.

We grow up with an idea of masturbation that differs from the average man. I remember the first time I discovered the power thst I held in my own hands, I felt confused, guilty, naughty. Needless to say, I got over that fast, but still found myself shy when it came down to buying toys, flicks, and other pleasure enhancers. Little did I know that when I quickly into a grungy sex shop in downtown Minneapolis for my first vibe, I was spending my hard earned money on a TOXIC toy. Yes, toxic.

It wasn't until I found out about a woman owned shop, the Smitten Kitten, that my eyes were opened and I was educated on this "hush hush" topic. Now that I am in NY, I have been meeting some of the most intelligent, vibrant, sexy, talented women I have ever met, and none of them have heard the news. Ladies this post is long, but well worth the read. I learned so much about myself, my orgasm, and how many options there are to achieve the explosion you deserve. Safely.

xo Sarah White

Thanks to the Smitten Kitten for the info!!:

What exactly does it mean, "toxic"? What can it do to hurt us?

In order for products to be included in our inventory they need to meet a number of different criteria. When toys fail to meet the following standards, we consider them “toxic” and DO NOT make them available to our customers.

SEX TOYS SHOULD BE NON-POROUS. Many sex toys are made of mystery materials often referred to as “jelly” toys. These products are highly porous and cannot be sterilized. They also cannot be adequately cleaned. The porous surface of these toys may harbor bacteria and viruses; it’s not uncommon for a “jelly” toy to be the source of a reoccurring bacterial, yeast or fungal infection. “Jelly” toys that develop a cloudy appearance are most likely growing organisms in the porous surface. Many retailers will recommend using a condom to protect yourself from the porosity of these toys.

SEX TOYS SHOULD NOT CONTAIN HARMFUL CHEMICALS. Though there is no way to tell exactly what is in specific “jelly” toys without having them chemically de-formulated in a laboratory, through tests that our non-profit organization (Coalition Against Toxic Toys, commissioned and GreenPeace Netherlands has released, many of these toys are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC—the most environmentally toxic plastic on earth) and chemical plasticizers called phthalates (pronounced THAL-ates). Phthalates are used to make hard plastics like PVC soft and pliable, and are known carcinogens, in addition to being linked to birth defects. While condoms may protect you from the porous surface of your sex toys, there has been no research conducted that would indicate that they will protect you from exposure to toxic chemicals.

So, I have been noticing more and more people have NO idea that some of the toys and accessories are made with toxic materials. How would one know if they have something toxic tucked under the sheets?

It can be extremely difficult to tell what your sex toys are made of—there is no “truth in labeling” requirement for the adult industry—and in the case of toys you already own, you probably don’t have the package that it came in. The best way to get an idea of what kind of toy you have is to implement what we call the “SMELL TEST.” This simply means give your sex toys a good sniff! If they currently (or have in the past) had any odor, you should consider this a big red flag. Toys that contain hazardous chemicals often smell like a new shower curtain or have an otherwise strong plastic odor. They may also be “pleasantly scented” to perfume over the smell of the chemicals off-gassing from your toy.

Products that are made of safe materials (surgical stainless steel, acrylic, glass, hard plastic, medical grade silicone) don’t contain chemicals that will “off-gas” or leach out of the toy. You should be able to sufficiently clean your sex toys with soap and warm water, or sterilize them by boiling for 3-5 minutes or with a 10% bleach/90% water solution.

Obviously your site is a wonderful place to go to find safe toys, but are there an particular brands that you favor?

There are lots of wonderful, safe toys available to consumers—here are a few of our favorites: Fun Factory makes a great line of medical grade silicone vibrators and are really expanding their selection of uniquely shaped dildos and butt plugs. LELO manufactures a line of medical grade silicone vibrators that are rechargeable (just like a cell phone) and those are fabulous to take when you travel. We also are big fans of Vixen Creations. They manufacture the most realistic looking silicone dildos available, and their innovative VixSkin line is quite lovely—an excellent alternative to the “real-skin” type mystery materials that have become so popular.

What do you find is the most common misconception of people coming to shop or workshop in the Smitten?

This is a great question! I asked some of the Smitten Kitten staff members and a few customers and here’s what they think:

Customers: Fear of the unknown. People don’t have a lot of framework for what a comfortable, welcoming sex toy store might look like.

Staff: New customers are often surprised at how knowledgeable the staff here is, and how many educational resources are available to them. Also, lots of people are surprised to find that an “adult” business functions with ethics and a dedication to education as its goal. Once they learn about what we do, they really appreciate it though!

Speaking of your shop, why and when did you decide to open it?

We opened Smitten Kitten in August of 2003 after we identified that there was nothing like it in the Midwest. We wanted to develop a space that allowed people of all genders to access information and feel empowered about their sexual choices while they shopped for toys, lubes, books and porn. Since that time, our store has really developed into something beyond a boutique-style shopping experience. Smitten Kitten is the premiere venue in the region for sex-positive educational workshops, classes and events, as well as a strong supporter of organizations working to make a positive impact on our community.

Being in the business, do you feel women know their Pussy's better now in 2008, or do you feel we still have very far to go before we take control of our pleasure..and our bodies?

I think that lots of women are excited to learn about their bodies! For some, they’re young and have the good fortune to take advantage of all of the sex positive groundwork that has been laid by lots of people before them who have dedicated their lives to helping women learn how to feel empowered about their bodies and their sexual selves. For others, it’s a life long journey of working through lots of cultural baggage and degrading social messages to get to a place where they love their bodies. Each of us is a work in progress, but I’m hopeful that we’re heading in a positive direction.

Last but not least, words of advice (whether it be a book, toy recommendation, etc) to women looking to really tap into their pleasure dome?

Don’t be afraid to explore your pleasure potential! Sexual desire is always changing and you should take the opportunity to learn about what your body responds to and explore what makes YOU feel good. Who cares what kind of vibrator a fictional character on a television show likes? Learn about your body, watch porn, read books, try something new. Most importantly, ask lots of questions. We’re always happy to helps people find resources and products to meet their needs, so stop by the store or the website, give us a call, or send us an email. We’re always happy to help!

Jessica K. Giordani, Co-Founder, Smitten Kitten

Saturday, April 12, 2008

ALICE WALKER: We are the ones we have been waiting for!!

"We have come a long way, Sisters, and we are up to the challenges of our time. One of which is to build alliances based not on race, ethnicity, color, nationality, sexual preference or gender, but on Truth. Celebrate our journey. Enjoy the miracle we are witnessing. Do not stress over its outcome.
Even if Obama becomes president, our country is in such ruin it may well be beyond his power to lead us toward rehabilitation. If he is elected however, we must, individually and collectively, as citizens of the planet, insist on helping him do the best job that can be done; more, we must insist that he demand this of us. It is a blessing that our mothers taught us not to fear hard work. Know, as the Hopi elders declare: The river has its destination. And remember, as poet June Jordan and Sweet Honey in the Rock never tired of telling us: We are the ones we have been waiting for. "

My friend, Phillip Martin, founder of lifted veils production pointed me to this inspiring article by Alice Walker, Lest We Forget: an open letter to my sister who are brave. Her message beautifully illustrates our dream to unite strong, positive, spiritually oriented women of all background to bring about a new consciousness rooted in our role as mothers, healers, peacemakers, sisters, dreamers, lovers and creative movers and shakers. We are part of a new movement that is here to counteract the failures of the system on several level...By saying this, I do not mean to exclude men from this project. We al need to be part of the change.
I mean we need a completely new educational model and new approaches to inspire and empower youth through the arts, for instance (this is my pet project). The public educational system is in shambles, and we need to take things in our hands to provide alternative models for nurturing talents (which is what education should be about) among youth, especially those let down by the system. They are the next generation and we cannot allow them to grow up feeling neglected, under appreciated and robbed of their dream of self-realization. There are many projects already in place that work towards these goals...imagine if we come together to unite our forces.

I would also like to recommend Phillip Martin's blog, Lifted veils production, an independent radio journalism company that explores issues that divide society across the globe. Phillip has dedicated his life exploring issues of cultural identity and color as it pertains to their representation in the media, advertisement, pop culture, political discourse, and in everyday life. Currently he is heading up the Color Initiative, a year-long BBC/WGBH radio-journalism project funded by the Ford Foundation, the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities and the Funding Exchange (Paul Robeson Fund). He is a former Supervising Senior Editor and former National Race Relations Correspondent for NPR, and one of several former senior producers responsible for developing The BBC program The World on PRI and WGBH in Boston. Get the link for the rest of the Alice Walker article and read Phillip's work on his blog, lifted veils production here.

Friday, April 11, 2008


A legend passed away last thursday. RESPECT.

DARE TO DREAM celebrate immigrant heritage month

The Dare to Dream Media and Arts Festival
April 16th, 18th, and 19th 2008

Part of NYC's high-octane creative energy derives from the constant influx of immigrants coming to the city to make it happen, to translate the American dream into reality (like myself, representing resident aliens with a plan:). Our friend, Bronx-bred Dominican activist Joel Mejia has brought together a diverse group of talents from all background and ages to celebrate the legacy of NYC's immigrant community.

His project, the 2008 Dare to Dream Media & Arts Festival is a celebration of the artistic talents of New York City's immigrants and youth. It also serves as the culmination of the media arts initiative the Dare to Dream Project, a 4-month program that used immigration as a basis to teach media and arts to Brooklyn-based youth.
Since January 2008, 5th grade students from Brooklyn’s P.S. 24 have utilized the role of immigrants in their community and the concept of cultural identity as inspiration for creative projects utilizing a variety of tools and techniques including photography, film/video and visual art.

April 16th, 2008
5:00pm-9:00pm Opening Reception/Exhibition Franklin H. Williams Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute 408 W. 58th St. New York, NY 10019 (212) 307-7420 Music by DJ Laylo Cash bar and food available.
April 18th, 2008 3:30pm-6:30pm PS 24 427 38th Street BROOKLYN, NY 11232.
April 19th, 2008
12:00pm-5:00pm The Queens Museum of Art New York City Building Flushing Meadows Corona Park Queens, NY 11368 (718) 592- 9700
For full event info, go to

Hey Ladies! Dragon Fever

Ever since I came across Little Dragon on myspace, I have been visiting the page weekly to get my fix. The music is original, has an excellent pocket and morphs into different different genres and emotions from song to song. Originally, my love was sprung once I heard singer Yukimi Nagano on a track by Geology. As I begun to desperately search for any and everything else she was on, I hit a gold mine, finding her on lead vocals with friends from high school creating the band Little Dragon.
This Sweden based foursome bounces energy off of each other for inspiration, motivation and the creative juices to keep from becoming bored with the process, landing them deeper into the possibilities of limitless music.
They are in the process of finishing up the next album, but to get a taste buy the self title release, Little Dragon here..

Here's a peek into their minds from the voice of Yukimi (Thanks!):
WHAT DO YOU DO? We do music!
WHERE DO YOU CALL HOME... Good old grey and rainy Gothenburg!
TRUE BEAUTY IS… Arthur Russels Thats Us/Wild Combination
BEATS… are always good to have
TRUE SEXY IS… our boy and girlfriends
MUSIC IS MY… savior
ART DOES NOT…Create war
MY NIGHTS ARE…warm and cozy
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … good to have in the write amount
ENOUGH OF … hatred and ugly ducks
MY CREATIVITY IS… mysterious
TRUE POWER IS…Prince I would die for u
LIFE CAN BE THE... most beautiful thing ever
TO LOVE IS TO… know you
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…. I have good friends!
IN 2009 I WILL BE... so happy about our next album

Check these!
Check out this video: Constant Surprises

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mama wants...Mama

Mama Clothing presents The Tide is High for spring..

photo: Amanda Lopez

I have always been a fan and supporter of this woman run, fashion forward t-shirt line. They always bring that west coast heat, natural beauty and networking magic to make things happen.

Peep more here

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mama Wants.....21 MC Spring 08 Collection

oye, ready to drop those winter layers for some tropical heartwarmers?

check the Spring 08 collection of
one of WRONGLIPS favorite new brands, 21 MC. Sarah and I have been following these guys since last year when their mindblowing visual campaign (on the left) appeared on myspace, debuting their Fall/Winter 07 collection.

new spring collection=sub-saharan patterns & colors x 100% sweatshop-free sheer cotton x some extra layers of history

these lovely tees go for $38. you can order it here.

Friday, April 4, 2008


as you might expect, WRONGLIPS love lips of all kinds...lips come in different shapes and sizes. they are our soft, sensual, protruding, luscious, alluring, asymmetrical, kissable, lickable, desired erogenous organ. we breath, communicate, kiss, and feed ourselves through them. for us ladies, they are also the gates of life and of pleasure.

GOT WRONGLIPS? is dedicated to finding some of the sexiest representations of these lovely body parts.

Our first pick: the cover of CLAM Magazine Issue #16.

CLAM is one of my all-time favorite international fashion, art & culture magazines. I was lucky enough to get a full page feature in this issue focused on the theme of "growing up and being an adult." CLAM is published in Paris, but it has offices in New York City and in Japan. now it's possible to order it online through their myspace page. New Yorkers can get it at Universal News on 1588 Broadway St.

What you can expect is some of the most beautiful art fashion photography with models who will take your breath away (something about them is just different...they seem real.. fragile, soulful, mysterious, complex in ways a lot of supermodels can't approach), an amazing array of creative people (visual artists, designers, poets, musicians, dancers, etc) from places that usually don't get this kind of exposure (like Africa, East Asia, Latin America and Central Europe), and classy issues that break away from the conceptual and aesthetic cliches of a lot of similar magazines.

KFC 6 feet under

Yo. Check out Dante's Fried Chicken Party this Sunday, celebrating Scottie B's birthday. His parties are always off the chain, and the food is amazing! Save me some nuggets or its on.
April 6th- Party starts at 5pm ends when you cant dance any more or until Dante kicks us out.

Galopagos///70 N 6th St, Brooklyn NY 11211
$10 with rsvp ( $15 door

Menu, banging as always:
Pumpkin Pie Fry Chicken/Tofu
Coconut Salmon/Tofu Casserole
Tomatillo Collard Greens
Spanish Black Eyed Peas

Music by Scottie B, Rye Rye, Dj Kswift, Pursuit Grooves Kissey Asplund and many more!
Read more on Dante's parties and see some pics @ the Rhythm Lab and more info on the event here

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Apollo Rocks!

I am so excited to be a part of this weekends performances going on @ the Legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem. The beautiful and magical Imani Uzuri, presents her work in progress, Her Holy Water: A Black Girl's Rock Opera. The cast will include amazing musicians, media artist and creative types from all different areas of the art and music industries.

Here is some details on the show itself: " Eclectic, bohemian IMANI UZURI is currently developing an emotionally provocative musical theater piece of the same title as her debut album HER HOLY WATER: A BLACK GIRL'S ROCK OPERA and based on its music. Backed by a caravan of dreamers, featuring a full band with strings and a sweeping mixed-media video montage directed by KAREN M. LAWLER, this rock opera is told through drum-n-bass arias, transformational ballads and soulful rock, while incorporating coming-of-age memories/mythologies from Uzuri's youth in rural North Carolina and anecdotes from her nomadic travels around the world. HER HOLY WATER: is a church revival, a sufi trance celebration, a baptist buddhist, holy ghost, tibetan prayer bead, whirling dervish, emotionally cathartic, sensual often humorous and sometimes heart wrenching journey exploring the deeply intimate spaces we traverse as we find out who we are. Come into her gypsy tent and share in the good news of the universal journey that we all can all travel towards loving self!"

Come peep it for 15 dolla. Tickets are limited because it will be on the intimate Sound Stage.
Buy them here.
Look for me in a hot outfit, singing vocals..

Dont try this at home if you are over 25.

These kids are off the chain.
I dont remember having moves like this when I was a tike.
The future of dance lies in these hands..
Dont know if I can keep up..
Found one on Dutty Artz

more soon..

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mama wants..

PEACE IMAGES by Camille Peace

I recently, while stuck in the matrix we call myspace, stumbled across a page filled with beautiful earrings made from feathers, seeds, nuts and shells. As I read more into the foundation and energy behind the designer, I was pulled in deeper and deeper into the page. Her work is gorgeous and she does an amazing job at using what is beautiful in nature, and turning it into magic for your ears. Her web page is not up yet, but peep her myspace page to buy the goods. Very affordable and original.

NYC Thursday: Tropical Rhythms & Urban Visions

Thursday's recommendation

WRONGLIPS TALK: a Supawoman's message to all supamen

one objective of WRONGLIPS is to start a conversation about sexuality from the female angle. we'll call it wronglips TALK. we hope to start a forum, where all of you out there can send your suggestions, links, references, or issues to be discussed about the topic. we believe that empowering women also allows men to get access to their deeper powers. liberation must not discriminate!

check out our first featured artist, supawoman and badass emcee Amanda Diva, speaking on "HOW TO TREAT A SUPAWOMAN"...because you're worth it.