Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hey Ladies!!!

Batch #2. More ladies on the scene making some serious moves.


Ogechi doesn't take any shit, wont let you waste her time and will say whats on her mind whether it offends you or not. I know this, and I have never even met her. The people who love Ogechi talk about her with enthusiasm and humor, ready to have her back until the end. I wont dare to "label" her, but I will say, she is an amazing artist and the work I have seen of hers is thought provoking and in your face..

WHAT DO YOU DO? well, i don't do labels. no, really. i do what i want.
BEATS… rhymes, life
TRUE SEXY IS… confidence, realness
MUSIC IS MY… medicine
ART DOES NOT… leave you without a heightened awareness of who you are and the world around you.
MY NIGHTS ARE… electric.
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… colors, movement, introspection
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … is key. make time for it.
ENOUGH OF … believing the media lies & bullshit.
MY CREATIVITY IS… limitless.
TRUE POWER IS… willpower and self-control
LIFE CAN BE THE... sweetest dream or worst nightmare depending on what you make it.
TO LOVE IS TO… be yourself 24/7.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…. that's the only thing of value in this world.
IN 2009, ILL BE... greased lightning!

Peep the technique:

Christina Rimstad

Photographer/Graphic Design/Marketing-Machine

I have personally watched this woman bloom and take over the city within what seemed to be minutes. She is known for her fierce "say I won't" fire, tackling parties and shows with her camera and getting amazing shots. On the promo tip, she steady grinds in many directions getting the news to the streets. I would include a link to some shots, but
she is keeping them on lock...

WHAT DO YOU DO? Too many things
TRUE BEAUTY IS…confidence
TRUE SEXY IS…loving yourself
MUSIC IS MY…passion
ART DOES NOT…general
MY NIGHTS ARE…burning the midnight oil working
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…luscious lips, bangin' booty, strong arms
SELF-KNOWLEDGE…is powerful
ENOUGH OF…the bullshit
MY CREATIVITY IS…an amazing gift
LIFE CAN BE THE...incredibly awesome!
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….I'm ill with it

Peep the technique:
Rye Rye in Minneapolis.....

Singer/Producer/Tech Geek/Musician

Normally I like to do a brief intro for each of our ladies that shine, but I think I better let her explain herself so I dont butcher it..

I'm finishing up my full length album, History Forgets the Pollen of the Flower, for release early fall on my own label Elektrocardio. I'm graduating from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU next month, an art and design graduate program that specializes in humanizing technology. I'm currently building the Chaka Khantroller for my thesis project, prêt-à-porter midi control for live performance so I can control my own set with vocal effects and visuals."

WHAT DO YOU DO? i produce, sing, and obsess over using technology to accentuate spirit
TRUE BEAUTY IS… self-love
BEATS… awaken my kundalini
TRUE SEXY IS… handlin bizness
MUSIC IS MY… path to the truth
ART DOES NOT… reflect the artists character.. it reflects the artists purpose
MY NIGHTS ARE… spent dreaming of my return to source
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… contrast, message, movement
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … is a never-ending journey
ENOUGH OF … insincerity.
MY CREATIVITY IS… limitless when i'm paying attention
TRUE POWER IS… knowing you have it all and so does everyone else
LIFE CAN BE THE... reflection of your dreams or the reflection of your nightmares
TO LOVE IS TO… loving to be yourself
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…. the universe tells me so
IN 2009, ILL BE... climbing a palm tree

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C-Rocka said...

Awwwww thanks for this,you ladies ROCK!

jon jon said...

C-Rocka is always on her grind, respect the stats!


Anonymous said...

Rucyl is the most amazing spirit....respect !