Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mama wants...Dutty Geisha

Dutty Geisha's classy yet affordable creations are pleasing to the senses and will leave your wallet unharmed. Cop it at cocolah.
From wrong lips

[photo source:]
About the creator:
Unable to quench her incessant search for innovative accessories, Dutty Geisha creator, SAKIR, decided it was time to create pieces that expressed the complexities of her moods. Sometimes playful, daring, edgy or sensual, DG is the answer to her multifaceted personality. DG addresses the person that is not afraid to push boundaries of art and fashion, which SAKIR finds to be synonymous. Limitless artistry is the mantra of Dutty Geisha, a constantly developing label that encompasses clothing, jewelry and fragrances eliminating any boundaries for artistic expression.

Mama wants...Upper Playground x MunkOne x Michael Phelps

haha...another clever MunkOne's tee

"Apparently, if you smoke enough dope, you too can win 8 gold medals."

it is available for pre-sale and will ship on Friday, 2/27. cop it at upperplayground.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mamas love...K'Naan

New video for K'Naan "The Great Depression" off of Troubador in stores on February 24th.

Also check out another K'Naan video I posted back in March.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

REMED hurts BK!

Fell in love with REMED's work a while back when working under Steve @ TRACE putting together the Street Art portfolio for the ART Issue, last year. Check him on page 123, along with the others! Excited to see this world traveler's work in Brooklyn!!!!!

REMED & ZBIOK hurt NY ! Brooklynite Gallery: Brooklyn, 334, MalcolmX blvd. OPENING 28th FEBRUARY @ 7PM

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ok, so anyone who knows me, KNOWS I've been a big K-OS Fan since the beginning...
He just keeps it coming. His new full length drops March 31st! Check out this video:

k-os - 4,3,2,1

Hey Ladies!! Cecilia Stalin

I met Cecilia last year at one of her live shows at our friends' parties in New York City (e.g. Raw Fusion and Mobius Collective), where I finally had a chance to experience her amazing vocal talent live. As a big fan of her collabo track "Waltz for Koop" with KOOP, I was exited to find out that she was collaborating with our homie, Dhundee. Born and raised in Falsterbo, a small village in the south of Sweden, Cecilia Stalin found her way to absorb music in ways she could find-from sleeping under her father's grand piano to writing song with her friends as early as 10 year sold. Her passion for music and jazz in particular led her to study singing at Stockholm's Royal College of Music and then later to the New School University's Jazz and Contemporary Music Program in New York City. Since her studies back in 2003, Cecilia came back to the big apple several times, where she got a chance to play with some great musicians like Harry Withaker, Charles Tolliver, Reggie Workman, and Buster Williams. Since 2004, Cecilia's life has been about music 24/7. When she's not singing, composing, arranging, recording, or teaching, you'll find her passing on her talent as a vocal coach. Make sure to check out her website to listen to her numerous collaborations and give her a shout on her myspace page.

Listen her jazzy collabo track with Dhundee while reading

WHAT DO YOU DO? I'm a singer and composer and vocal coach
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? Where I feel comfortable (right now London)
BEATS…makes me go crazy!! There is something fundamental about a good beat that I cannot describe - It makes me wanna dance, laugh, shout and make my music.
TRUE SEXY IS…confidence
MUSIC IS MY…sanity. keeps me on the ground and vents all my emotions in a amazing way.
ART DOES NOT…have any limits. we put limits on it. what we need to do is challenge it!
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…passion about your craft, eyes, coffe
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …is something I strive to know more about. I would love to meet myself thru someone else's eyes.
ENOUGH OF …'eye for an eye' mentality - I truly hate it! One of my favorite poets said it best - 'An eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind' - Kahlil Gibran. (I'm gonna stop here or you'll have me blabbering on for
MY CREATIVITY IS…moody, loving, constant, amazing, melodic, strong, funny, entertaining, silly, sexy, empowering, relaxing, meditative and very very giving.
TRUE POWER IS…to know and love yourself!
LIFE CAN BE...haaaaaaard but fucking amazing at the same time
TO LOVE IS TO…live! Isn't love the key to everything we do? ; )
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….i do me! Not trying to be someone else.
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? on, or come thru to one of my gigs and talk to me personally... (NYC in march 2009-check myspace for dates)
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2009? I got a single EP called 'Afro Blue' coming out in February where I have worked with people like Daz-I-Kue (Bugz in the Attic) and Soul Parlour. It's part of a full length album 'In the spirit of Coltrane' due to be released later this year.

Cecilia singing Walts for Koop live at Jazz Re:freshed in London 2/10-08

KOOP..."Summer Sun" with Yukimi Nagano

As I was digging through youtube for a video for the Cecilia Stalin, I found this video from one of my favorite albums "Waltz for Koop" from Swedish duo of Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson, aka KOOP. I always loved this song, but didn't connect the voice to WRONGLIPS favorite Yukimi Nagano, whose unique voice should be familiar by now (we featured here in an earlier post) from her collabos with Ge-ology and from her latest projects, as the lead-singer of Swedish band, Little Dragon (check Sarah's photos from her recent show in NYC). Damn, she is so amazing.

Mamas love...Suzie Analog::: HOT IN HERE

I can always rely on my man, Kenny Fresh from FRESH SELECTS to put me on some hot shit...His blog is one of the freshest music & free download sites (period). Suzi Analog is dope and I love her blog. Read about her and get your free download on

BLOGS we love::...AFRIPOP! Mag

Check out AFRIPOP, the cool blog that our former TRACE colleague and good friend, singer/writer Yolanda Sangweni has started last year (I actually did the mag's logo below). It is one of the best resources for the freshest cultural exports from Africa and the African diaspora.

About Afripop ::: Afripop is about highlighting the freshest and brightest new talents in African music, African hip hop, jazz, fashion, film and youth culture overall. Really, the mission is to create a safe space for diasporic Africans to get to know and celebrate each other. We’d love to hear from you here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Brooklyn based, Universally driven artist KIVA, is about to kill the stage this THURSDAY as he celebrates the anticipated release of DEGREES OF FREEDOM with an outstanding 9 piece band. I have personally had the joy of watching him grow this recent year and help to not only push but inspire other artists and musicians in the community with his talent and drive. I call him the "music man", because at one of his famous WAFFLETRONIX parties, or even just a sunday afternoon, he would keep me in awe as he floats from instrument to instrument leading jam sessions from afro-beat to hip-hop to his signature sound, Stuttastep.
Check out the interview below and also the info about the show. Dont miss this!!!


Where do you currently call home?
Brooklyn, NYC

When did music take grab of you and at what moment did you realize it was going to be a big part of your life?
Music grabbed me right from the beginning. My Father & uncles used to sit in our kitchen and jam on guitars, my mom told me by age 3 I would "sit in" pretending to play guitar along with them on my wooden building blocks!
Is your music for your heart, your soul, your fans or is it what you do to make a living?
It's all of that. I play & write music everyday. It gives meaning to life.

What do you do to pay the bills?
I've been teaching music production at Dubspot, an amazing music production & dj school in Manhattan. Gigging & touring. Been doing some writing of music for t.v. & a new cartoon series. Also getting ready to drop my new LP "Degrees of Freedom" and looking to reach a lot of new minds with that & generate energy through that as well.

How was it been on tour with Willie Iz and Jneiro Jarel? Any
crazy stories?
Tour was amazing this summer. Was playing live guitar for Jneiro Jarel's "Shape of Broad Minds" project and a new project called "Willie Isz" which is a collabo between Jneiro and Khujo Goodie of Goodie Mob. We played in the line-up at some of Europe's biggest music festivals including Sonar, Hove, Roskilde, & Montreux Jazz. Headliners included Jay-Z, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Gnarls Barkley, & many more... it was incredible to be a part of that. Crazy stories...let's see...when we were in Barcelona to play Sonar, Jneiro & I hit the beach...its europe, so ladies are topless, people kicking it on the beach. However, this couple about 15 feet from us started getting really affectionate...REALLY affectionate. The girl climbed on top of her boyfriend, pulled her bikini bottom to one side, put a towel over them, and started having sex right there on the beach with people all around. But the craziest part is as they were grinding it out, this bum walked over, tapped her on the shoulder, and asked them for spare change!

I know this question is impossible, but, What are your fav 3 tracks
currently in your rotation?
1. "Wanna Be Wit U" / Sarah White / Kiva remix...just finished mixing it 3 days ago & got it on repeat! 2. "Ride" Kiva feat. Mo'Betta & Rucyl...1st track on the new record...been starting my day with this one alot. 3. "Colour Me Funky" Parliament....this tune isn't even a well known P-funk tune, but its one of my favs I run on the ipod.
I know you put out vinyl in the past, do you think the future of vinyl is dead --or will it come back?
I think wax will always have its place, but technology keeps moving on and I try to keep up with the times. Serato has been running tings with most of the djs I know for years, and it makes more sense financially for a small label owner like myself to do a push a new release with a run of cds and the rest though digital distribution. Record culture isn't going to die, but there are many other options now to get your music heard.

What projects are you proud of in 08 and what do you have in the works
for 09?
I am about to release my new album "Degrees of Freedom." Musically you will hear everything from stuttastep to psychedelic hip hop rock to straight jazz tunes...full spectrum selections of sound & emotion. There are many talented artists making guest vocal performances on the album including Onome, Sunru, Jneiro Jarel, Toli Nameless, and more. In 2009, watch out for an EP I am creating with Oakland based vocalist Sunru, a King Tubbys 10" remix I did for King Tubby Dub Heritage Foundation records, and also a song I produced for Dub Poet Infinity, the resident voice at Francois K's Deep Space event, being released on the SF label Destroy All Concepts. I co-produced a track for Dr. Israel's new album, and I also contributed guitar work to tracks by Jneiro Jarel & Khujo Goodie for the upcoming Willie Isz album, being released on Lex records in the UK.

Name 5 music-head's you want to work with by 2010:
Sunru Daru Jones Jah Dan Bjork Janelle Monae

This Thursday will be a big night for you! How are you feeling right now as the day approaches?

Feels amazing. The "Degrees of Freedom" album took me 2 years to create. There's a story behind every song. To see each song grow from the seed of an idea, to completion of the studio album, to now assembling a live band to perform these songs live is incredible.

We are all excited to see this 9 piece band, how did it come together and can you fill us in a little on who you have joining you?

No matter how much I love what can be accomplished in the studio, when you take it to the stage, there is no substitute for real musicians bringing that fire! I knew from the beginning I did not want to have a so-called record release event with me just running the CD and standing there drinking a Guinness pointing at the speaker going, (in geek voice:) "You hear that...that's ME!" No sir...we're coming correct - we're coming with a 10 piece band and a proper live show to blast the brooklyn massive! I am blessed to have been able to assemble the crew of musicians I have working together for this record release event. Everyone is top-notch. Starting with the rhythm foundation: on drums, Daru (Slum Village/ Talib Kwali / Black Milk / Rusic Nusic) puerto-rican percussionist Sean Clements (Los Bomberos De Brooklyn) and congero/multi-instrumentalist Rico Mendez (Rhythm Lab Radio / Sarah White). Low end duties are in the hands of bassist Elton Bradman (Shakti, Sparlha Swa, Suphala). On guitar, Harvey Valdez (The Cool and The Deadly / Anistar) Horn section is comprised of Morgan Price (Zozo Afrobeat) and Rodney Siau (Zozo Afrobeat). On vocals, Nigerian songstress and spoken-word artist Onome lends her beautiful voice. Bay-area based vocal artist Sunru is travelling all the way from Oakland, California to rock with us. I will be playing keys for most of the show, but you will also catch me hitting things up on trumpet percussion, and electric guitar throughout the show. It's a big band and a BIG SOUND!

What's Stuttastep?

Stuttastep is the name I gave a certain style of music I create. It is soulful, futuristic dance music - alien soul music! It comes from influences of Afro-Cuban, Dub, Broken Beat, and Jazz music, but stuttastep has a different swing and vibe to it that sets it apart from other genres. Music nerds will appreciate it's different time signatures; dancers and listeners will appreciate how the stuttastep riddims make their necks snap!

What does this album signify for you and what do you want the listeners to "feel"
from it?
The album explores the many decisions we make on the road towards our own ultimate destiny. Some of these choices are not easy to make and bittersweet, others are crystal clear and full of life's celebration. But each decision leads one more step in the right direction. Like the lyrics say, "Every movement made in life, measured increments of free...The world is yours and mine and we keep rising towards the highest degree..." Each one of us is here for many reasons and it's up to us to figure out what those reasons are and live our truth. My intention is that this album be a set of musical keys to assist those who hear it in the fulfillment of their own's time to shine.

BAM "Sounds Like Brooklyn" 2009 Music Festival presents:

performing new album LIVE with 9 piece band!

DJ Kiva / Keys & Live Electronics
Onome / Vocals
Sunru / Vocals

Daru Jones / Drums

Sean Clements / Percussion

Elton Bradman / Bass
Harvey Valdez / Electric Guitar
Morgan Price / Tenor Sax
Rodney Siau / Trumpet
Rico Mendez/Percussion

cover $10 / door at 8:30 / Set starts at 11pm sharp
opening DJ set by Arch Typ
also performing:
9pm Six Figures / 10 pm Soul Cycle

Album available on CD at show.
Digital download available at iTunes,,
Dancetracks Digital, and other fine online music stores
DJ Kiva is an NYC based artist/dj/producer residing in
Brooklyn and founder of the recording studio and label
Adios Babylon.Crafting original sound from his studio, Kiva introduces the world to the sound of Stuttastep: A form of music derived from a formula of beyond broken beats, afro-cuban time signatures, dubwise production, heavyweight bass, and a cast of talented NYC vocalists and poets. His music combines the best of soulful live performances with futuristic electronic music production techniques. He has released numerous full length albums and remixed many soul, broken beat, reggae, and dance music artists.His productions have been released on such labels as Adios Babylon (USA), King Tubbys Heritage Dub Foundation (USA), Tommy Boy ( USA), Kindred Spirits (Netherlands), Goya Music (UK), Bagpak (USA), and Sunshine Enterprises (Austria). A veteran live musician, Kiva also tours internationally as live
guitarist for " Willie Isz " featuring Jneiro Jarel and Khujo Goodie of Goodie Mob and currently teaches electronic music product ion at Manhat tan based DJ & Music Production School Dubspot.

DJ Kiva presents the new full length album, "Degrees of Freedom." His most creative and diverse work to date, it explores a full range of the human experience through cutting-edge music. From soothing soul ballads, ecstatic psychedelic hip-hop rock, bittersweet jazz numbers, to intergalactic excursions into his signature stuttastep style, the record shines with a full spectrum selection of sounds. Combining the best of soulful live performances with futuristic electronic music production, the record features a highly talented crew of guest performers including NY afrobeat empress Toli Nameless, Nigerian born vocalist/spoken word artist Onome, Oakland based hip-hop artist Sunru, Philly’s Jneiro Jarel, and many other talented singers and musicians.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mama wants...Ursula Rucker in NYC!

Stay tuned for the next Deep Space party, 0riginally founded by François K. Deep Space is an adventure into future dub, spacey vibes, and abstract grooves featuring resident François K. live on the mixing board and monthly special guests. The 16th of this month, Ursula Rucker comes to bless Deep Space. Not to be missed.

LOCATION UPDATE: Feb. 2 & 9 Deep Space takes a special two week trip to club LOVE Feb. 16 and onward, Deep Space is back at Cielo!
Cielo, 18 Little W. 12th Street, NYC
between Washington St. and 9th Ave
A C E 1 9 2 or 3 at 14th St; L at 8th Ave
21+ with photo ID :: $12 cash at the door
François K with Ursula Rucker at Deep Space, Cielo

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Got Wronglips? My favorite yet!


Dilla Love X 2

photo by B+^^^^^^

Two amazing events are going down this weekend to raise money and show RESPECT to Dilla!
Make sure to show up early and spread the word!

10pm till 3am (Show up @ 10 or you may not get in!!!!!)
A Tribute to Dilla and Lupus Awareness Fundraiser

Supporting the Lupus Foundation - New Jersey Chapter -

DJ's : Beverly Bond, Chela, Jasmine Solano, Brinapayne, ILL P, Mirandom, Tara (on BOTH FLOORS)

MC's : Bless Roxwell and Jean Grae

A live band J Dilla tribute by Revive Da Live featuring Nikki Glaspie (Sugamamas) on Drums

Tribute Paintings by: Lichiban / Alexandra Cespedes / Vanessa Chakour

Photography and Videography by: Cee the Photographer, Elizabeth Allen (EMA Photography), Texas (THE NEW POP), and Tchaiko Omawale (My Fave Things)

3 Dollar GREAT GRAND DOOR Raffle Prize Provided By:
NYSC, VIBE, Kani Ladies, Zulu Rose, Brooks Valley Restaurant and Locs of Nu Hair Salon

10 dollars with RSVP and 15 w/o (

Subway Directions:
Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts (A, C, G)
Hoyt St (2, 3)
Bergen St (F, G)
Then on Sat!!!!
Rare Form proudly presents:

a lupus awareness fundraiser +
a tribute to a Detroit legend

Saturday, February 7th, 2009
@ Public Assembly - 70 N 6th Street
btw Wythe & Kent Avenues (Williamsburg, BK)
Trains: L to Bedford Avenue

Doors 10pm / 21+ w/ ID - ARRIVE EARLY!
2 rooms of music provided by

along with our very special guests

live silkscreened limited edition tees
by HUSTLENOMICS (while supplies last)

(more encouraged, please give)
your generous donations will go to benefit the
Alliance for Lupus Research |

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

GOT WRONGLIPS? Jolie and the black sheep

She definitely wins the prize for that....Angelina Jolie by David LaChapelle

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mi-zo is the truth...

been obsessed with Mi-zo's visionary world


Just discovered this cool GHOST ROBOT video through another of their trippy production, Björk's award-winning video, "Wanderlust".