Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mama wants...Dutty Geisha

Dutty Geisha's classy yet affordable creations are pleasing to the senses and will leave your wallet unharmed. Cop it at cocolah.
From wrong lips

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About the creator:
Unable to quench her incessant search for innovative accessories, Dutty Geisha creator, SAKIR, decided it was time to create pieces that expressed the complexities of her moods. Sometimes playful, daring, edgy or sensual, DG is the answer to her multifaceted personality. DG addresses the person that is not afraid to push boundaries of art and fashion, which SAKIR finds to be synonymous. Limitless artistry is the mantra of Dutty Geisha, a constantly developing label that encompasses clothing, jewelry and fragrances eliminating any boundaries for artistic expression.

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C-Rocka said...

The link for Dutty Geisha isn't working :(