Monday, November 30, 2009

Hey Ladies!!!! LEAH HAMILTON aka LiLi Happi

It's been a while that we had a chance to feature one of our favorite ladies. We've been both in the lab, working on new projects, but we do try to keep on supporting badass artists & artistas. This month, I'm pleased to introduce you to the multitalented Leah Hamilton aka Lili Happi, a Brooklyn-based documentary maker, art buyer, creative producer, art director and overall dope woman. Bohemian at heart, Lili's got her eye on the global art scene and has been running a blog where she features some of the hottest New York artists via short documentaries she produces. In her own words, "15 years in the business as an Art Buyer, a few years as a Creative Producer and a lifetime of artistic inclinations, collections,artsy friends, associates and dreams have molded me into this stage of life I call LiLi Happi. Through my quest to share my own personal experience with art and the artists who make it, I created a viral show and mag-vlog for people "who are what they art"" Check it out here!


WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? home = mind = heart. and then there is Venus
WHAT DO YOU DO? I do for self so I can do for others
TRUE BEAUTY IS…false unless you embrace the flaws. for they are the seeds that will bloom into the beauty you'll be.
BEATS…life can't exists without the throbber. heart beats... best break ever.
TRUE SEXY IS…sexy is in the mind of the beholder
MUSIC IS MY…heaven. when i die. let me go to jazz.
ART DOES NOT…apologize. there is nothing that art can't do.
MY NIGHTS ARE…where my creativity grows
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…gentle eyes // peaceful confidence // free spirits
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …indeed we like that ! ... knowledge of self is the most important thing my mom ever taught me to learn and accept.
ENOUGH OF …the organic hype. if you believe it you got deep pockets.
MY CREATIVITY IS…unleashed daily
TRUE POWER IS…preservation and control of ones mind.
LIFE CAN BE work of art if you share the canvas
TO LOVE IS TO…let go. there are so many things in the world to touch.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…I'm not afraid of failure
NEW PROJECTS FOR 2009? I'm already in 2010. doc launch, t-shirt launch, art basel 2010 and moving some important works into the homes of some very important people
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? but you have to create your best happy face art and send it or you won't hear back from me.
SHOUTOUTS? on Venus we don't shout we smile.

CHECK OUT ONE OF her projects featured on Current TV

ART NYC ::: THE GENERATIONS at the Showroom :: Opening: Thursday, Dec 3, 3009

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Recommended by our buddy & old colleague from TRACE, Devin "PAN" Barret, O'SPADA seems to be Sweeden's latest export of fresh pop music. A big favorite of FADER, this Swedish band has been making a lot of buzz in Europe and on overseas shores as well. Their big hit, TIME is now available for free download, courtesy of FADER magazine.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cop it! Good Cause Too!

M.anifest is blessing us all once again with a gift that keep on giving. His newest release The Birds and the Beats is available for free to the masses.. His only request? Donate a lil' something (or a BIG something) to the "Young Entrepreneurs Africa," (YE,A). 
Check me out on the intro track, Born Free and also Walk Away! Keep your ears ready for a new project with M.anifest and Myself, under the name S & M.. coming soon...
From M.anifest:
I'm happy to liberate the Full Album/Mixtape, "The Birds And The Beats," for free today Nov 20, which happens to be my born day as well. Kindly do share with your readers.
Being from the mother of all motherlands, I thought this would  be a useful opportunity to promote a cause as well: 
"Young Entrepreneurs Africa," (YE,A) - a nonprofit giving tools and skills for African Youth to get theirs the entrepreneurship route and not have to rely on charity. The complete rhyme
 and reason of it all is at

I work with some incredible musicians who dedicated massive amounts of time and talent to make this happen so I couldn't take full credit for this release. The download includes liner noteswhich is a first for free digital releases as far as I know. We give thanks.

Production Credits: G Mo, Budo, O-D, Katrah-Quey, 40 Winks, Dee
Vocal Features:
 Krukid, Sarah White, Dodi Phy, Mandi

Mama's love: FREE Sampler from SNS!!!

A sampler of tracks from King Britt & Rucyl, Sarah White, Ras G, Afta-1, Stef Eye, who are performing at December’s Saturn Never Sleeps events:

- December 10th in Philadelphia at Painted Bride Arts Center

- December 11th in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Knitting Factory.

Check out more info @ SNS!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009


TRAILER: FIRE + FIRE/ BLACK + GYPSY from FeatureZoo on Vimeo.

Fire + Fire features an historic meeting of musical sympathies when nine Hungarian Gypsy musicians meet with seven of their Black American counterparts to interrogate a history of mutual oppression and silences. Part of the yearlong Extremely Hungary Festival, Fire + Fire delves into the synergies of two cultures, melding musical and political expression—this taking the shape through the story of star crossed lovers caught in a weft of cultural clash and political dialogue. The ensemble employs an experimental fusion of spoken word, movement and full on “jam sessions” to create a brand new vernacular that will spring this tale of two cultures to life. Fire + Fire will be presented at Symphony Space on November 19 and 21.

There are compelling parallels between the Gypsy and African-American experience, that energy and struggle is reflected in jazz and Gypsy music—both are intense, explosive, individual and raw.”
- Greg Tate, Co-Curator FIre+ Fire

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WHERE'S BROOKLYN AT? COUP D'ETAT ARTS Collective group show opening this Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm showing some work along with 20 + Brooklyn artists--Come through this Saturday! Check out the preview of some of the other exhibitors' work on my personal blog.

(BROOKLYN, NY) November 12, 2009 – Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation’s Center for Arts and Culture, PUMA, and The Coup d’etat Arts Collective are honored to announce the opening of “Live to Change Something Through Art,” a mixed media exhibition of works created by 23 local artists. Please join the artists for the opening reception on Saturday, November 21, 2009, from 4 p.m.– 7 p.m. at the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation’s Skylight Gallery, 1368 Fulton Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, New York.

“Live to Change Something Through Art” features work that is reflective of the current Brooklyn arts movement and underscores Coup d’etat’s thought-provoking brand principle, “Live to Change Something.” Highlighting a multicultural collective of artists across several disciplines, the exhibition encompasses painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation.

“The voices of Urban image makers have too often been dismissed as inarticulate and underexposed,” says Rasu Jilani, co-founder of Coup d’etat Brooklyn, and “Live to Change Something Through Art” Creative Director. “This exhibition was developed to help my fellow creators build positive awareness of their work while exposing our youth to the many vehicles of self-expression.”

Artists that were hand-selected to participate in “Live to Change Something Through Art” include: Molaundo Jones, Suhail Smith, Sam Wilson, Lichiban, Rob Fokused, Alice Mizrachi, Stephanie Land, Deka, SeeOne, One9, Alzo Slade, Ana Bravo, Berman Fenelus, Jen One, Reuben King, Amanda Diva, Nelson Rivas, Kwesi Abbensetts, Paul Deo, Robert Trujillo, Suncadm Bey, Ibrahim, and Yang-Chi.

About Coup d’etat Arts Collective: Coup d’etat Arts Collective is a Brooklyn-based collaboration of highly respected artists who produce various art-related events throughout New York City. The Collective's annual exhibition features a never-before-seen assembly of New York City’s most sought after visual artists. With music as the backdrop, the Coup d’etat Arts Collective provides a unique platform for creative synergy while filling an undeniable void in the arts community. For additional information on Coup d’etat Brooklyn please visit

For nearly four decades, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation has served as a fertile ground for emerging and established artists throughout Central Brooklyn. Through its Center for Arts and Culture, Restoration continues to present, promote, and preserve the artistic legacy of artists from the African Diaspora.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't sleep! LITTLE DRAGON is back in NYC--Le Poisson Rouge, November 21, 2009

Big shout to PAN, our good friend and ex-writer colleague at TRACE Magazine for writing up a guest feature.

By Devin “PAN” Barrett

Since releasing their self-titled debut album, Sweden’s soul-pop quartet LITTLE DRAGON has coursed through the veins of the indie music scene, keeping listeners’ collective blood pressure dangerously high. Hitting stride once again with their follow-up LP, Machine Dreams, Little Dragon returns stateside to the venue where they made their NYC debut a year ago. This Saturday night at Le Poisson Rouge in the West Village, find out what all of the buzz is about as Little Dragon takes the stage with their signature synth-infused electro fuzz. If lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s sweet serenade doesn’t give you goosebumps, you may need your pulse checked. Sharing the bill for the evening are Re:Redux (Didi and Aaron from Brazilian Girls), dance collective Crystal Fighters, and DJ Scribe of I Love Vinyl acclaim. Show starts at 11 pm.

For additional show and ticket info visit:

Monday, November 16, 2009


Nite Jewel "What Did He Say?"

TAYLORED CANVAS :: Liberty Of London FALL Collection

Rolling Stones guitar legend Ronnie Wood bringing his talent as a painter to fashion–iconic British brand Liberty of London.


Here is a new track from the lab of my two brilliant friends, singer/ MC NIKKI NTU & producer/ MC/ DJ MELO-X. These two have been dropping gems, if you haven't had a chance to listen to their first project, THE HISTORY OF DREAMS EP-which I had the pleasure to illustrate-, check it out's FREE as well! [photo by King Texas & TONE]

A word from MeLo-X:

Wass good peeps. Long time no see.

I been in the Lab working on a lot of music this past summer and fall. This year has been so productive for me with the success of my music, shows, and parties. I wanted to end the year off with some good new music. I'm not the type of artist to release music frequently with no plan or reason other than just having music out. It makes no sense too me. So since I have a lot of Music stashed up I figured I'd end the year right. From now till January I'll be putting out a lot of music produced by me. This is to Build up for my First official Instrumental Album Dropping Next year called Sonic Intercourse. Be on the look out.

This track is called Get It Up feat. Nikki NTU and produced by me. It is from a project that I worked very hard on this past summer. Take a listen and turn up the bass on ya speakers. Stay tuned for a itunes release of Nikki NTU's first EP "A History of Dreams" scheduled for next year spring. BLAOW!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mamas love...LYKKE LI

Sweden's new supernova chanteuse, Lykke Li, has been on my radar for a while, but never got a chance to put up a post about her. Dark & angelic at once, she is a force to be reckoned with!
LISTEN to her exclusive track for GAS'D "Love is the Harmony" here.

ARTISTS2WATCH :: Diamond Z x Ruckazoid

L.A.-based space electro queen, Diamond Z x her partner-in-crime, Ruckazoid are getting down & dirty in Hollywood, LA. To find out more, check out my feature on them here.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Mama wants...BROKENFAB

I'm in love with these pieces...I recently saw these dope beaded-necklaces in a magazine and tracked down the site to find a photo of SARAH!!!! on the front home page:) I wonder if she's even aware of it. Anyway, check out these beautiful (and somewhat pricey but completely unique) pieces on

Shystie :: New style ft DJ Deekline