Tuesday, April 28, 2009

M.I.A :: Bang (original test)

the original test by David O'Reilly for visuals commissioned by M.I.A. the distortion is in full 3d, you can view it with red/green glasses.

M.I.A Bang (original test) from David OReilly on Vimeo.

FOREIGN EXCHANGE :: Take Off The Blues

RAW FUSION w/ Muhsinah & Simbad at APT, Tuesday April 28

It's time for another dope Raw Fusion NYC a pastpresentfuture-soul dance party
fresh off tour opening for Common...
they bring you a special live performance by:
and special guest selector (hyping up the dancefloor, as usual):
Simbad (Raw Fusion/UK)
plus raw fusion residents:
OP!, Scribe and Amon on live percussion

monthly at
APT 419 w 13th street 212 414 4245
$10 (free b4 11pm)
*$5 with individual rsvp (full names please) to rawfusionnyc@gmail.com

Sunday, April 26, 2009

FREEBIE :: JADE :: It's my heart cookie

I first saw Jade last year at a Nu Soul event I went to support Sarah who performed there as well, and was completely sold. Check out what's all the buzz about...she is dope!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Make Art Your Business: SO LIVE! ARTS 3rd Annual Art Show

Come check out this dope event I'll be showing some of my work organized by the lovely ladies of So Live!Arts. The one-night event will feature a combination of video screening, group art show, and musical performance, live painting, food and some of New York's coolest artists.

SO LIVE! Arts Presents
Sunday, April 26 2009, 6:00 PM
Pratt Brooklyn
NoName Cafe in Willoughby Hall
215 Willoughby Ave. b/w Classon Ave. and Hall St.
(G train or B38 bus to Clinton-Washington)

Featured Artists:
Fly Lady Di, Crystal Clarity, Kirarin, Concep, PESU, Riz22, Mistah Metro, Dawn Okoro, Lexi Bella, Lichiban, Marissa Olney, Julia Cocuzza, Alicia P, Mio Tobiyama, Jayson Natienza, William Mwazi, Vaimoana Niumeitolu, Flint Reed, Kevin Hoang, William Macdonald, Derick Cross, Clarissa Hortun, Liia Magi, Anthony Morton, Marthalicia Matarrita, Shawn Murrey, Peter Yip, Nichole Mourino, Roberto Reid Jr, Temar France, Elazar Hoch, Jeny Peny, Jamal McClary, Rolando Brown, Jullien Gordon, Joel Mejia, Chet Green and many many more.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brooklyn loves ARTSMITH for PROJECT 261

Check out the fundraiser artshow of the Brooklyn Artsmith Collective while supporting the students of PS 261

April 23, 2009. 5pm-1am

Galapagos Art Space 16 Main Street - Dumbo, Brooklyn F Train to York / A C Train to High St - Brooklyn Bridge

Performance by: Peter Litvin "The Stupid Alien"

DJ Jack Denim

The Brooklyn Artsmith Collective is determined to provide the children of PS 261, a public school located in Brooklyn, New York a remarkable opportunity to work with local artists working across multimedia platforms. Through our initiative, the students will gain hands on training from local artists and create a work of art based on the lessons taught in the workshops. In conclusion of the workshops, all student artwork will be on exhibit along with the work by the Artsmith Collective.

Our workshops will not only enrich art education, but also provide students a great sense of accomplishment and experience for children to show their art in a gallery setting. In conjunction with the show, a short film will be created to document the art process of each workshop, as well as, the individual artist involved. All artwork created by the students will be available for silent auction at the art show and fundraiser at Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo, Brooklyn

ARTSMITH, a collective of New York based artists (Alex Bershaw, Gigi Bio, Josh Goldstein, Adam Suerte, James and Karla Murray) with experience across multimedia platforms collaborated with the art teachers at P.S. 261, an elementary school in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. First through fourth grade students participated.

$10 - Suggested donation for individuals.$15 - Suggested donation for families.

Documentary Film to be projected during event. Directed by Greg Deliso and scored by Jack Denim. This film is about the process of this project.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

INVINCIBLE feat. Tiombe Lockhart

check out this controversial video from Detroit-based MC, Invincible. To read more about it check out FreshSelects' post.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mama wants...TOOFLY 6″ inch FAT CAP!

My super dope artist friend, Toofly’s Kidrobot 6″ inch FAT CAP has arrived! This extremely limited figure was chosen to be part of the GOLDEN TICKET project. As many aficionados, designer/toy collectors know getting a golden ticket is a big deal, and TOOFLY definitely got what it takes to get it! Congrats!

They are now available for purchase exclusively at: www.tooflynyc/shop

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mama wants...to dance all night :: FRANÇOIS K & KING BRITT at Deep Space

This is going to be the night!!! Deep Space, legendary DJ/producer François K's weekly Monday nights at Cielo is celebrating its 6th years anniversary tonite April 13, 2009. My bossman, François is going to be sharing the wheels with KING BRITT all night. Not to be missed!!

LIMITE magazine interview with me...thank you!!

Big shout out to Limité magazine for the love! If you love blogs, make sure to check them...one of the freshest online sites out there! Here is the link for the Q& A.

Friday, April 10, 2009


This shit is off the CHAAAAAIIN! Zion I: GEEK TO THE BEAT

Pilfered Magazine X King Britt

King Britt as Guest Editor of April's PILFERED Magazine!
Check it out and download it here!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Words cant even begin to explain how excited I am today! The Rucyl Bass Remix of my song I Wanna Be With You, officially dropped this morning exclusively on FIVESIXMEDIA. The single also come with the original version, produced by great producer and friend Arch_typ of Bagpak, who originally came with a track that insprired me to expand my ideas and style. (Thank you Zilvinas for getting me on this!!)
The amazing thing is Rucyl is the shit. And she's my girl. And we get to embark on this journey together now as her REMIX is available for the masses. Be sure to check it out, spread the word, and play it until it gets stuck in your head.
Thank you so much FIVESIXMEDIA and of course KING BRITT for giving us this opportunity!
Mama's AMPED this morning.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i heART BROOKLYN: my show opening with collaborators on Thursday, April 9th

...that's right, that's my day...Here is a lil sneak preview of the work on the left from my new show "BLING THY INNER WEALTH: The Hermetic Test", opening next Thursday, April 9 in Fort Greene, BK's favorite spot, Red Bamboo.. I had a lot of fun making these new pieces. I'll have all new work some of them might surprise you (kinda stepped outside of my comfort-zone). My collaborators Paridee Kositchiranant, Upendo, Livingroom Johnston, Rodney White, and Quan Luv are all amazing artists with many trades: beside being skilled in the fine arts, these guys are also on top of their game in the fashion biz: Paridee is a designer for Ralph Polo Lauren, Upendo is one half of Leroy Jenkins, while Quan is one of the pillars of A.L.I.E.N. Livingroom Johnston is an established writer, while Rodney is an art director at one of the top ad agencies of NYC..this is why we call it here the Brooklyn Renaissance...artists making it happen in many fields at once...A lot of impressive talents to keep up with. Also, this day will mark the end of my hibernation period coming out of the winter blues, celebrating the spring, abundance, 'swagger with substance' and love. Might as well bring your dinner date ):)
7-11pm RED BAMBOO, Fort Greene, BROOKLYN NY :: FREE
271 Adelphi St @ DeKalb Ave
DJ BlackFruitPunch of the Aficionados (that's my man, Deffrei!) will be holding it down

Monday, April 6, 2009

this is the JAM! DJ Spinna ::: Prince vs Michael Jackson

One of the best parties in NYC is coming up again! Check out a clip of last year’s SOUL SLAM here

Advance ($20) Tickets Available @:


* Fat Beats (NYC) 406 6thAvenue (Corner of 8th Street) 212.673.3883

* Pieces (BKLYN) 671 Vanderbilt Ave (Corner Of Park Pl.) 718.857.7211

* Addy & Ferro (BKLYN) 672 Fulton Street (Btwn South Elliot & South Portland) 718.246.2900

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hey ladies!!! NIKKI NTU

I first met Nikki Ntu back in October when Mega of Audio Aesthetics invited me to her and the album's producer Melo-X 's exclusive listening party for Nikki's debut album The History of Dreams (check my post on it here). My first impression of the album then "beautifully soothing and gently stimulating with the truth" couldn't be more fitting now that I had a chance to get more familiar with it...it is an amazing piece of music and Nikki, who was mentored by hip-hop ambassador Tony Blackman rides through Melo's beats with a flow at times gentle at times hard but always on point. I usually write these intros myself but her artist statement is so dope that I decided to not even try to do something better."As the debut artist from Melo-X’s imprint Galax; we are proud to present Nikki Ntu. Her undeniable Hip-Hop style is infused with political fervor and a spiritual self -expression heard from very few artists today. Nikki’s music is the reflection of a creative and ambitious generation of artists coming out of the Brooklyn renaissance. Working with longtime friend and fellow Brooklyn native Melo-X as her producer, Nikki hopes to deliver a new sound imbued with a new feeling to the people. With strong themes of healing, revolution and love, Nikki is birthing new concepts of female empowerment but moreover people empowerment. “My music breaks down a lot of barriers in people. The rhythms bring out emotion and the lyrics stimulate the mind as well as the heart. Those simple things have a great impact on inspiring and informing folks. And when you have a safe space to put everything on the table, healing is the only outcome.” Her debut EP “A History of Dreams” will drop in the spring of this year. A conceptual project entirely produced by Melo-X, it features 7 cinematic tracks of futuristic, yet nostalgic, rhythm and lyricism coupled in powerful emotions. Her songs take listeners on a voyage into the soul of Nikki Ntu.”

WHAT DO YOU DO? Unveil the unknown.
TRUE BEAUTY IS… balance and bliss.
BEATS…tell me what to do.
TRUE SEXY IS… a sense of humor and the ability to laugh.
MUSIC IS MY…craft, my freedom, my strength, my weakness.
MY NIGHTS ARE…eye-openers.
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…good conversation, atmosphere, and chocolate!
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …will free us all.
ENOUGH OF…living in the past and running away from the present.
MY CREATIVITY IS…so weird I don’t even understand it yet. It’s 2 parts pressure, 3 parts fun, and a splash of inspiration.
TRUE POWER IS…the power to master one’s self.
LIFE CAN BE THE... best reality.
I DREAM OF… a) Signs and symbols. Subconscious secrets played out through cryptic scenarios. b) Messages coming from who knows where. Sometimes voices sometimes visions. Angels so vivid I could see the cracks and creases in their dark skin. c) Strong feelings that last far beyond the night.
TO LOVE IS TO… let go.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….I ride the beat like a pony.
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE… is made with old molds.
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? Nikkintu.blogspot.com / myspace.com/nikkintu / twitter.com/nikkintu, shout me a holla!
LATEST PROJECT...A History of Dreams- both literally and figuratively. It’s a magical piece of work.
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2009? The music, the shows, the ideas, the process.
SHOUTOUTS? To my nomads, artists, creators, conscious cats, and everyday conquerors. Big ups to Brooklyn!
Title: Birth of Venus Album: A History of Dreams Featuring: Nikki NTU. Produced by MeLo-X http://www.myspace.com/nikkintu http://nikkintu.blogspot.com/
I am very exited to work as the art director for debut full-length album. Stay tuned, it's dropping soon!

From her untitled novel… She was somewhere between sand and dirt, grass and cold concrete. As she stooped down to the ground grabbing the earth, panting, like a panther prepared to pounce; her belly bulged. She was pregnant with Time, both past and future. She was the millisecond.Eyes smoldering, her lips parted to let the heat in her chest cool off. But it only cooled for so long. She looked out at times to come and the heat grew so hot it wrapped around the molars in her mouth, attached to her tongue, and sparked her taste buds to call forth saliva. But the burning didn’t stop. Fire huffed out of her nose and she became inflamed. Her purpose was realized, her butterflies flew free, and her fears became God in practice.

FREEBIE: AMANDA DIVA :: Spandex, Rhymes & Soul

Check out my girl, Amanda Diva's latest "freEP" Spandex, Rhymes & Soul which she labels as "Hiptronicsoul, "reflecting Deev's ill skills both as an MC and as a singer. The album features productions by a number of heavy-hitters, such as Droop-E, Ringo, Kovas, Slot-A, Jet Audio. Download the entire Spandex, Rhymes & Soul freEP here. Mama is on fire!

Read our earlier feature with Deev here.

Check the dope video for one of my favorite joints from Q-Tip's new album featuring Amanda.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mama wants... Photos by Kwesi

///////PHOTOS BY KWESI////////

I remember a few weeks after I moved to Brooklyn, I went down to Atlantic Ave to check out ATLANTIC ANTIC, a street festival with music, food, antiques, clothing and art. In between all of the streets full of people, out of the corner of my eye I saw a painting that blew me away. It was messy, and colorful and mysterious. My favorite kind. I squeezed my way through and there he was. Kwesi. I asked him for a card or website, none of which he had @ the time, and he sent me off with nothing but a number to text him at. In the last year I have seen him everywhere from dark corners of parties - to the streets of Fort Greene, and not only has his work came into full bloom, but I think it is some of the most innovative and stylish photography in BK. Check out his shots. I also loooooooooooove the styling by Pamela Shepard.
Be sure to check out his blog too! http://www.spaceshipgeorge.blogspot.com