Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mama wants...TOOFLY 6″ inch FAT CAP!

My super dope artist friend, Toofly’s Kidrobot 6″ inch FAT CAP has arrived! This extremely limited figure was chosen to be part of the GOLDEN TICKET project. As many aficionados, designer/toy collectors know getting a golden ticket is a big deal, and TOOFLY definitely got what it takes to get it! Congrats!

They are now available for purchase exclusively at: www.tooflynyc/shop


FLY LADY DI said...


soooo proud of u ladies.

C-Rocka said...

wow, you can buy the individual one?! doooope I bought I don't know how many fat caps tryin' to get I can't remember who's it was this summer. uggh I wish I could remember her name!

C-Rocka said...

It was TOO Fly's Dunny I was trying to get!!! Hahaha...damn I'm out of it this morning.