Thursday, April 9, 2009


Words cant even begin to explain how excited I am today! The Rucyl Bass Remix of my song I Wanna Be With You, officially dropped this morning exclusively on FIVESIXMEDIA. The single also come with the original version, produced by great producer and friend Arch_typ of Bagpak, who originally came with a track that insprired me to expand my ideas and style. (Thank you Zilvinas for getting me on this!!)
The amazing thing is Rucyl is the shit. And she's my girl. And we get to embark on this journey together now as her REMIX is available for the masses. Be sure to check it out, spread the word, and play it until it gets stuck in your head.
Thank you so much FIVESIXMEDIA and of course KING BRITT for giving us this opportunity!
Mama's AMPED this morning.


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