Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i heART BROOKLYN: my show opening with collaborators on Thursday, April 9th

...that's right, that's my day...Here is a lil sneak preview of the work on the left from my new show "BLING THY INNER WEALTH: The Hermetic Test", opening next Thursday, April 9 in Fort Greene, BK's favorite spot, Red Bamboo.. I had a lot of fun making these new pieces. I'll have all new work some of them might surprise you (kinda stepped outside of my comfort-zone). My collaborators Paridee Kositchiranant, Upendo, Livingroom Johnston, Rodney White, and Quan Luv are all amazing artists with many trades: beside being skilled in the fine arts, these guys are also on top of their game in the fashion biz: Paridee is a designer for Ralph Polo Lauren, Upendo is one half of Leroy Jenkins, while Quan is one of the pillars of A.L.I.E.N. Livingroom Johnston is an established writer, while Rodney is an art director at one of the top ad agencies of NYC..this is why we call it here the Brooklyn Renaissance...artists making it happen in many fields at once...A lot of impressive talents to keep up with. Also, this day will mark the end of my hibernation period coming out of the winter blues, celebrating the spring, abundance, 'swagger with substance' and love. Might as well bring your dinner date ):)
7-11pm RED BAMBOO, Fort Greene, BROOKLYN NY :: FREE
271 Adelphi St @ DeKalb Ave
DJ BlackFruitPunch of the Aficionados (that's my man, Deffrei!) will be holding it down

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