Saturday, August 30, 2008


As you might know already, I love drawing faces. Art is a way to reflect on the state of the world, and I have a lot of respect for artists who focus on expressing the ugliness and the paradoxes of the human condition, but having gone through a lot of soul searching and healing, I made peace with being human and actually found true love for people. I have spent years traveling the world and trying to understand how people heal from conflict...every encounter I had with amazing people from all over the world helped that love grow. After 9 years, I decided to take a break from exploring pain and turn my focus on beauty and the sexier, lighter side of the human condition. So in my recent work, my aim has been to reveal what I perceive as people's true beauty through my portraits. I am not done with reflecting on social and political causes, but I am ready to play for a change! If you are interested in having me make a portrait of you, don't hesitate to contact me (the portrait on the left below was a commission)...I will do my best to work with your budget. You will find all the info about how to go about it here. Holla!

Friday, August 29, 2008

You don't want to miss this one: SOUL SLAM with DJ Spinna

SOUL SLAM: Michael Jackson Vs. Prince (XII)

Music By:
DJ Spinna

BLVD - CRASH MANSION 199 Bowery Btwn Spring & Rivington Streets (NYC) 10002
10pm - 4am | $20 Advance Tickets | 21+

It's the ultimate battle of musical marvels!

SOUL SLAM (XII) Tickets Available At

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Days like this!

RAW FUSION shakes the APT///////////


Let me just start this out by saying, Tuesday nights have been some of the hottest nights of the summer in New York.. and it just don't STOP. This week is no exception.
Raw Fusion
will be rockin' the APT with an amazing line-up of Dj's, live acts and special guests till 4am. The word on the street is that last months party was incredible for everyone involved (Raw Fusion does a monthly party on the last Tuesday of the month with OP! and Dj Scribe as the residents).
If you don't know about Raw Fusion, be sure to check it out! It is both a record label and a series of parties that begun in Stockholm but has now spread to London, Miami and New York. The WMC parties have been so successful, the decided to share the love and bring it to NY!
This party will be bringin' extra heat because Erik Rico is in town and Cecilia Stalin will also be making an appearance!

I thought it would be great
to get to know some of the people involved a little more than what you can reach on the surface, or by cruisin' through the myspace/facebook world, so I picked the brains of Dj Scribe and Daru.
Enjoy! xo Sarah :

I met Daru last week at the PPP listening party. You know how sometimes you feel like you know someones music but cant place it when shaking their hand? Well that was my interaction to the dot. I knew that I KNEW his work, and once I got home and peeped the page I realized, this man has mad music with people all over the map.
SICK on the beats and the drums.....

Where do you call home?
Michigan (currently living in New York City)
When did music take grab of you and at what moment did you realize it was going to be a big part of your life?
When i picked up the drum sticks at the age of 4 yrs' old.
Is your music for your heart, your soul, your fans or is it what you do to make a living?
All the above!

What do you do to pay this bills?

Full-time Musician
I know this question is impossible, but, what are your fav 3 tracks currently in your rotation?

Jitterbug Fonk by Eagle Nubula prod. Geogia Anna Muldrow
Real Thang pt2 by Erykah Badu prod. Daru (
Joy pt2 (Drop it Mix) by Joy Jones prod. Daru (Avalible This Fall) Recordbreakin
What projects are you proud of in 08 and what do you have in the works for 09?
Proud of the "Daru
Spirit and Soul-Hop Sampler 08' hosted and compiled by Marc Mac (4Hero)" Daru & Rena "Outtakes Bootlegs & B-Sides" also Daru & Reggie B. "Future Music"
Late 08' and 09' projects: "Rapsouldrumz", Innatesounds Work Series 004 feat. Daru Inst. project "Spirit Drumz" and "A Work In Progress" by AB & Daru many more to come ...
Why is this party at APT going to be off the chain?
Alot of good artist / DJ's on this bill
Sites to find you on:


So, the first time I met Dj Scribe, my lil' one (Iza-almost 4yrs old) was having a play-date with Dhundee's daughter at Central Park's Summerstage, with Gilles Peterson, Janelle Monae, etc on the bill. After meeting him that day, all of a sudden I see his name on flyer and 3 people mentioned him in conversation that week, only to THEN bump into him last week @ APT. After doin' some research I find out he's a part of Raw Fusion, one of my favorites in the world of music (Thanks to Dj Don Cuco for bringin' it to Minneap way back in the day).
What's dope about Scribe is that he is nice on the wheels, production and also gets political with it. We need more like this on the planet.

Where do you currently call home?

Hueva yolk. the big apple store. born and raised.

When did music take grab of you and at what moment did you realize it was going to be a big part of your life? wow... Music has been important to me as long as I can remember. I started messing around with the piano as soon as I was old enough to sit on the piano bench (before that, it was strictly rattle business). It wasn't until college that I knew it was going to be the primary focus. I was thinking of majoring in psychology, but the intro psych course was an early morning class, so I started spinning instead. Late nights beat out early mornings, and it's been that way ever since.
Is your music for your heart, your soul, your fans or is it what you do to make a living?
All four. It's different things at different times. when i've got the crowd dancing, it's for them. but it's for me too, because it's a conversation. I love the music I play, and i'm trying to send that love out to the crowd...And if they love it, they send that love back to me. It's all a big lovefest, basically...unless it's a wack gig, and the love is only flowing one way, which I can take really hard. So, it's personal to me. But at the end of the day, it is how I make my living, too.

What do you do to pay this bills?
Mostly spinning. at various times I have been doing production, mixing, etc. and lately, i've started working a lot more with political/activist things. Nothing that's paying any bills yet, but i've got something brewing that could.

I know this question is impossible, but, What are your fav 3 tracks currently in your rotation?

It is impossible...but if I have to pick three, I would say "So Good" by Daru feat. Kissey Asplund (I can't get enough of it), the Hot 8 Brass Band's version of "Sexual Healing" (still kills the crowd every time), and "Monosabio Blues" feat. Eska (the Philip Owusu remix) by Gecko Turner. The Owusu & Hannibal record is brilliant, and for the most part, slept on, unfortunately.

What projects are you proud of in 08 and what do you have in the works for 09?

Well, the Raw Fusion party in Miami this year was incredible. I was really proud of putting that together. Every year I do a benefit for this local group, Take Back the Land, which is in the trenches trying to solve the housing crisis down there, which feels a million miles away from the extravagance and pretension of South Beach. They are some real local heroes, and i'm just honored to be able to work with them. Definitely adds some much needed perspective to the Winter Music Conference experience. Of course i'm amped about the Raw Fusion parties in NYC. The first one was amazing. I think for '09 it's the political thing I mentioned. If that gets off the ground it's gonna be big. The basic premise is using music to support progressive politics and movements...but the possibilities are endless. I want to produce a progressive children's record with all my favorite artists doing songs about climate change, peace, fair trade, corporatization, and shit like that, and give it away for free. Sort of a Free to Be You & Me for the 21st century.
Why is this party at APT going to be off the chain?
Because you can't put a couple hundred people dancing to the illest djs, drummers, beatmakers, and singers in a little sweatbox like APT with a ridiculous sound system, and not cook stew! Every single person on the bill is dope enough to kill it by themselves. So put them all together, and it's guaranteed sonic bliss.
Sites to find you on:

Keep posted for more on OP! and Suite 903, coming soon..........
Check back later in the week for HEY LADIES featuring JACK DAVEY, JIMI JAMES & WINTER SANTOS!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


After 3 years of hiatus (well, hard work behind the scenes actually) PPP is coming out with a new album, entitled "Abundance" scheduled to drop in January 2009. If you were one of the lucky ones who had a chance to see the crew live at Southpaw at the BK Hip Hop Fest's Afterparty, then you already know the vocal power of these two ladies. PPP's core duo Waajeed and Saadiq have had a long track record choosing some of the most talented songstresses to work with (such as Tiombe Lockhart, Monica Blaire, Estelle, Neco Redd, Invincible, among others), so you can be assured, the new PPP crew kicks ass once again (also on board New Orleans-based singer/songwriter Coultrain). Perfect addition to the renewed PPP crew, Karma Stewart and Jamila Raegan are simply incredible vocalists about whom you will hear a lot in the future...WRONGLIPS happy to have them bless our page. Go Ladies!!!


WHAT DO YOU DO? I sing in the name of all that I love and believe in
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? Austin, Texas, honey!! :)
TRUE BEAUTY IS…and will always come from within
BEATS…Good ones, Move and groove me :)
TRUE SEXY IS…A strong willed,smart, and confident individual who puts his or her heart into everything they do....And never gives up!
ART DOES NOT…limit itself to one, but influences many
MY NIGHTS ARE…Spent with a glass of wine and a good show or some melodic jamz, Lol!
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… 1. Tex-Mex cuisine
2. Texas BBQ
3. And a bottle of Chardonnay
What can I say? Im a southern lady that loves good food and a cold beverage...LOL!! Seriously......
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … Equals Confidence, Power, and Respect!
ENOUGH OF … The Negativity!!!
MY CREATIVITY IS…something that stems from my religion, family, and the love of music
TRUE POWER IS…The power of God
LIFE CAN BE THE...Most wonderful thing in the world, if you allow it to be so....Be Optimistic!!
TO LOVE IS TO…Experience a life with someone who loves u back. Whether it be the Lord, Family, Friends, Pets, or your Spouse
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….My Momma told me so....Heyyy!!
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…Includes me! Don't get it twisted, I am one of many other Strong women.
I wanna here from ya! :)
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008? Barack Obama.....Yesss!!


WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY
TRUE BEAUTY IS…acceptance of the self, loving yourself unconditionally, aspiring to be a better person at all times, aspiring to build a better world, admiring the universe, giving, loving, hoping...
BEATS…are the score to life.
TRUE SEXY IS…confidence
MUSIC IS MY…gift, my outlet, my therapy.
ART DOES NOT…only serve as a vehicle to self-expression, it is also a universal language, a barrier breaker
MY NIGHTS ARE…spent purging and creating, and taking advantage of the quiet
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…food, wine, the mind
SELF-KNOWLEDGE…is an effort i'm making on a daily basis.
ENOUGH OF …the false barriers, believe in peace.
TRUE POWER IS…owning my creativity.
LIFE CAN BE THE...the most brillant work of all.
TO LOVE IS TO…believe.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….i'm open to the spiritual world.
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…is no longer ashamed or afraid of her power in every respect. She owns her mind, she owns her beauty, she is comfortable in her brilliance, and encourages other women to do the same.
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? or here on myspace
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008? I am a featured vocalist on the Platinum Pied Pipers sophmore album "Abundance." This has been my favorite collabration yet. I am super excited, can not wait for ya'll to hear.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I hit it a little too hard last night, so I think i'll miss this one... but if you are going out tonight, you do not want to miss this! SOB's is going to be packed and music will be bangin!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The new TRACE dropping tomorrow! I'm excited to dig through this BGR (Black Girls Rule) Issue with Spike Lee as the guest editor, beautiful brown skin treats from front to back and tons of great music, art and fashion that we love and expect. Peep the website next week to see if you can download the PDF for FREE!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tuesday is on FYAH!

Make sure you come out tonight. Tuesday is about to be off the hook! Catch some early music by Waajeed and Dhundee at 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel. Make sure you RSVP here so you can catch a sneak listen of the PPP's new album. Next, head over to SOB's for Blitz the Ambassador with 10 piece live band, Dj Spinna, Rob Murat and others. If you wanna kick it outdoors, be sure to swing by Big Bamboo's second to last party of the summer for some Jamaican Ska, Rock Steady, Rub a dub plus more. If you in good with TRACE and got the invite, be sure to stop by the Black Girls Rule Party in between the madnesss for some Melo-X and Muhsinah.

End of summer want list...

Mama wants.....
As this summer quickly tapers off into fall, I find my want list grows longer ... and longer. Here are a few things currently making my mouth water:

MARRIED TO THE MOB//////////////

This line has been around for a while but something about this new season and the photo's that accompany it, really got my attention. I'm not really into pink, but I'd definately rock this sweatshirt. Peep the most recent collection here.

MISS BRUNO///////////////

We have been lovin Miss Bruno and giving them tons of love on the blog since we got wind of them earlier in the year. This fall hey have come correct once again with some beautiful dresses and a dangerously sexy one piece. Taste Brooklyn flava here.


I am officially in love. I have been seeing taste-makers and industry people in BK sporting these beautiful vintage frames, all with a common secret.... Where to cop these eclectic yet affordable glasses? Bumping into Dj Dhundee the other day, served as my official introduction to the YakBlak family. I now understand why the secret stays safe with all that adore them. Keep your eyes pealed at outdoor events and festivals for a YakBlak booth. There is no official online store as of now (they keep selling out before even posting them online), but check the site in the future.


Don't even get me started on these Supra's. I've been a fan of these kicks for way too long. Now, that had to go and make some all red beauties. The Supra NS Skytop Patent Red is not currently on the Supra website, but I found the pic on Highsnobiety. You can grab them here if any are left in your size.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

KING BRITT this Monday, Aug 18th at CIELO

Hey Ladies!!! FISHEYE

I have mad respect for artists who are willing to step outside of the box of predescribed genres and ride the waves of experimentation toward unfamiliar shores. The ladies of FISHEYE immediately won me over with their poetic musical experiments and their heart-hitting philosophical stance. Their debut album THE DEATH OF THE FRESH is a breath of fresh air coming from the heart of the creative underground. Check it on their myspace page.

In their own words, FISHEYE is:
ASIA: A ghetto emcee, scholar, and revolutionary grappling with the question of whether revolution can occur without violence. A fringe anarchist who is studying the nature of capitalism, communism, socialism and anarchy in an attempt to discover the blueprint for a more harmonious, equitable and "free" society. An adept emcee who weaves politics into her lyrics, she wants more than anything to put her rhymes out and have them transform enough minds to create a "critical mass" of humanity who will create the new society. POWERS: Freestyling, streetfighting, charisma, de-ciphering codes and systems of information MISS DISSYA: A ghetto deejay, musical scholar and electronic musician. Her mission is to collect all music of all marginalized peoples, specifically music descended from the African Diaspora, and the disappearing Indigenous World. It is her mission to somehow liberate the airwaves from the steady stream of sex, utlraviolence, and wack music which corrupts the masses. POWERS: Charm, hypnosis, musical alchemy, psychic warfare, computer hacking Asia and Miss Dissya live in dangerous times…

Stef Eye Zaphryn Follicle of FISHEYE

WHAT DO YOU DO? I flip sound textures n rhythm
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? were the heart iz
TRUE BEAUTY IS… Deep deep inside
BEATS… should be made with love & odd ingridientz
TRUE SEXY IS… Humble love
MUSIC IS MY… only friend
ART DOES NOT… Compete with Ego
MY NIGHTS ARE… filled with sound and dreams
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… Good conversations,
good wine , and synchronicity
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … is the way of the walk
ENOUGH OF … drama, fear , and lack of resources
MY CREATIVITY IS… a prayer , a science project and to be consumed
TRUE POWER IS… self power ...
LIFE CAN BE invention of time
TO LOVE IS TO… plant a forest
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….a challenge my skills daily
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE… will be androgynous woman & a man
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008? evolution of sound .. peace on earth & productivity with good peaceful communal gatherings

R.I.P. Isaac Hayes

Saturday, August 16, 2008

HARRIET'S ALTER EGO'S Backyard Couture Finale

Brooklyn, get ready for the weekend...The last installment of Backyard Couture is this Saturday, and I promise you its going to be CRAZY! The ladies at Harriet Alter Ego even got the folks at Lucky Magazine, Time Out NY and The Daily News to co-sign to this one. So be sure to put Backyard Couture down on your calendar and RSVP. It is a free event with lots of freebies. Not to be missed!

I (I'm listed under my full name, Licsi Szatmari) will be exhibiting a few pieces and live painting alongside of the lovely Amanda Diva, Aisha Couisins, Monique Schubert and Nathaniel M. Quinn.


RAYE 6 & Mickey Factz

Lynnee Denise, Radio Rose & The Ahficionados

You can shop from independent fashion designers, such as Ripe Jewelry, YakBlak, The Socialist Movement, J Wears & Nassat

Complimentary Drinks & Veggie Burgers

Friday, August 8, 2008

Brooklyn keeps on taking it: ROCK THE BLOCK & ALTEREGOBAMA

This Saturday, I'll be painting at two of the coolest events in Brooklyn. In the early afternoon, I'll be at Yume (925 Bergen st bw Franklin and Classon, buzz 406) during the hot block party, ROCK THE BLOCK. Then I'll head to Greenpoint later in the evening to participate in the dopest Obama fundraiser. My Obama portrait will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go toward the campaign!

////////////////////////////// ALTER-EGO PRESENT /////////// ///ALTER-EGOBAMA

Time for your Alter-Ego to shred til dawn at our Evil Twin Dance Party /// Obama Fundraiser /// Moustache Extravaganza. Because Alter-Egos Support Obama. And we all need BASS.

Date: August 9th
Place: CoCo66 66 Greenpoint Ave

Door Donation: $10 which will get you a free beer or win!

Live performance by:
Hosted by:
Live art:
Video & photos by:

Special thanks to:

All proceeds from door, merch, & artwork will go directly to Obama's campaign.

My homies at ROCKSMITH Tokyo simply have some of the smartest and freshest tee designs out there. They came out with this super dope limited edition Ba-Rock Smith tee, which they will be selling at the event. This is the time to get yours since you will not see them in regular stores, not to mention that 100% of the sale profit goes toward the campaign.

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CONTINUING A LEGACY OF BASS
My friends Diamond Girl & Handshake have worked really hard to put the Obama event together. Big shout out to them, as well as to the ROCK THE BLOCK crew, Mike of Yume, Al of Minority Report and Ashley of Waxpoetics for getting me involved in these cool events..thank you!

ROCK THE BLOCK ~ Bringing Awareness To Brooklyn's Emerging Artist Renaissance

the Minority Report, Keistar Productions, Yume, Dope Swan, the Stylistics Agency , the Ahficionados , Not Just Vintage, & Frank White present the very best of upcoming talent for a One Day Art Convergence

Being held in 3 different locations:

1. Frank White- 936 Atlantic Ave
2. Yume - 925 Bergen St
3. Not Just Vintage - 1256 Bedford Ave

Rock the Block schedule
Live Painting - Lexi Bella, Lichiban, Rizz22, Pesu, Brian & Concep

@ Frank White
12:00 the M Report
12:30 live performance by Fresh Daily
12:50 Blackcocaine (Deffrei)
1:20-30 live performance by Theophilus London
1:50 DJ Melo-X
2:20-2:30 live performance by Jesse Boykins III
2:50 DJ Miss Behavior
3:20-3:30 live performance by Print w/ Good Day Good Night
3:50 DJ Soul
4:20-4:30 live performance by Ray 6
4:50 DJ Goldfinger
5:20-5:30 live performance by Vice Lounge
5:50 DJ Spinna
6:20-6:30 live performance by Honey Larochelle
7:20 DJ Scratch