Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hey Ladies!!! FISHEYE

I have mad respect for artists who are willing to step outside of the box of predescribed genres and ride the waves of experimentation toward unfamiliar shores. The ladies of FISHEYE immediately won me over with their poetic musical experiments and their heart-hitting philosophical stance. Their debut album THE DEATH OF THE FRESH is a breath of fresh air coming from the heart of the creative underground. Check it on their myspace page.

In their own words, FISHEYE is:
ASIA: A ghetto emcee, scholar, and revolutionary grappling with the question of whether revolution can occur without violence. A fringe anarchist who is studying the nature of capitalism, communism, socialism and anarchy in an attempt to discover the blueprint for a more harmonious, equitable and "free" society. An adept emcee who weaves politics into her lyrics, she wants more than anything to put her rhymes out and have them transform enough minds to create a "critical mass" of humanity who will create the new society. POWERS: Freestyling, streetfighting, charisma, de-ciphering codes and systems of information MISS DISSYA: A ghetto deejay, musical scholar and electronic musician. Her mission is to collect all music of all marginalized peoples, specifically music descended from the African Diaspora, and the disappearing Indigenous World. It is her mission to somehow liberate the airwaves from the steady stream of sex, utlraviolence, and wack music which corrupts the masses. POWERS: Charm, hypnosis, musical alchemy, psychic warfare, computer hacking Asia and Miss Dissya live in dangerous times…

Stef Eye Zaphryn Follicle of FISHEYE

WHAT DO YOU DO? I flip sound textures n rhythm
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? were the heart iz
TRUE BEAUTY IS… Deep deep inside
BEATS… should be made with love & odd ingridientz
TRUE SEXY IS… Humble love
MUSIC IS MY… only friend
ART DOES NOT… Compete with Ego
MY NIGHTS ARE… filled with sound and dreams
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… Good conversations,
good wine , and synchronicity
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … is the way of the walk
ENOUGH OF … drama, fear , and lack of resources
MY CREATIVITY IS… a prayer , a science project and to be consumed
TRUE POWER IS… self power ...
LIFE CAN BE invention of time
TO LOVE IS TO… plant a forest
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….a challenge my skills daily
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE… will be androgynous woman & a man
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008? evolution of sound .. peace on earth & productivity with good peaceful communal gatherings

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Porschia said...

zaraphyn follicle is my favorite sound. i her music resonates deep within me...her sound carries something sacred within it. 'money tree' feels like the music heard a ritual ceremony!

though the sound is the same, her myspace has been renamed to XAPRHYN PHOLLICLE DISMPHONIEZ....