Monday, September 29, 2008


I'm really feeling the use of animation/surreal art in music videos I've seen recently. This one definitely got wronglips....Warp Record artist, Cris CLARK's music video by Clemens Kogler. check his other crazy music video I found recently here.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Come check out this event today @ 3pm!!! Some of my photos will be in it!!!
THIS SATURDAY the 27th ::::::: OPENING SAT, SEPT 27th 3pm to 6pm ::::::
Everyday Brooklyn presents A Great Day in Brooklyn Photography Exhibition -
Fort Greene Park
:::MoCADA::: museum Corridor Space 80 Hanson Place // Fort Greene, Brooklyn 718 230 0492

OPENING RECEPTION Saturday, September 27th 3pm to 6pm
Exhibition Runs from: September 27, 2008 through October 15, 2008
Curator: Stephanie Baptist
BACKGROUND ::::::: On Sunday, June 22, 2008 over 100 Brooklyn-affiliated artists came together in Fort Greene Park to participate in one of the largest group portraits in Fort Greene history. Come to MoCADA to see the photographs taken and meet the many artists who attended this shoot.
Photography by: James Adams, Cochrane, KalaLea, Michael July, Ocean Morisset, Geralyn Shukwit, Sarah White

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey Ladies!! HEART & SOUL all-female art exhibit & book launch

I am super exited to join the YOUNITY collective and be part of the dope new art exhibit and book launch featuring many amazing female artsist, such as Martha Cooper, Toofly, Swoon, Faith47, among others. We even got a full page feature in JUXTAPOZ (you can check it here)!!! Read the press kit below and please pass on the word! Thanks and check out their blog too.

- Second Annual Exhibit Features 60 Avant-Garde Urban Contemporary Female Artists –

YOUNITY's Heart & Soul Exhibition and Book Launch
October 17,2008
PRESS PREVIEW (Invite Only. 7pm-8pm
OPENING RECEPTION ( open to the public ) 8pm – 10pm
70 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222
Exhibit Dates: October 18, 2008 – November 17, 2008

Queens, NY (September 2008)— We are excited to announce the second annual YOUNITY art exhibition entitled Heart & Soul opening on October 17th, 2008 at Alphabeta in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. As a celebratory theme between 60 international women artists and what they identify as "heart and soul," the exhibit promises an urban landscape installation piece that unifies and pushes the boundaries of graffiti, photography, urban contemporary art and fine art. In addition, YOUNITY will release Heart and Soul, a book featuring works from all 60 artists including: Lady Pink, Martha Cooper and Swoon. With so very few art books that explicitly showcase women's urban contemporary art, Heart and Soul will debut as much needed authentic niche material for the ever-expanding art industry. Artists Alice Mizrachi and TOOFLY, founders of YOUNITY, look to unify and empower established and young artists through expressive art.

The exhibition will showcase original artwork by current YOUNITY members as part of an indoor/outdoor site specific installation that pays homage to the urban landscape. Members include world-renowned artists: MAD C (Germany), Aiko Nakagawa (Japan), Faith47 (South Africa), Krista Franklin (Chicago), and Diana McClure (NYC), to name a few. Only 60 out of 300 female urban artists were selected to participate in this special exhibit. Works will range from hand-styles and graphics to collage and abstract riffs---all expressing ideas on female identity, the urban habitat, life and love.

The exhibit will also launch the Heart and Soul book, comprised of 60 artworks formatted for a 5x8 inch postcard-style flipbook. It is the first publication in the YOUNITY collector's book series that will showcase the work of current YOUNITY members. The Heart and Soul book will retail for $19.50 and will be sold at targeted, limited locations. Premiere copies will be available at the YOUNITY Heart & Soul event. Overall, only 120 books in this special series will be available.

YOUNITY is the first ever international women's urban contemporary art collective that brings female artists into a global networking system as a means to create art exhibitions, installations, books and a much needed archive of women's urban contemporary art. With the success of their premiere exhibit, The C R O S S O V E R, YOUNITY has become a sought after collective devoted to women with an inherent need to perfect their craft through self-expression and pass the torch on to younger female artists. Both the Heart and Soul book and exhibition artwork will be on view and for sale on-site at Alphabeta, as well as online at

YOUNITY is in need of continued support to foster its self-publishing endeavors and independent growth. Any and all donations to the collective can be directed to: via PayPal.

SEW FAR~SOUL GOOD! DJ Spinna & DJ Scratch this Friday!!

The wonderful Keita of KEISTAR PRODUCTIONS and the always stylish Al of THE MINORITY REPORT have asked me the other day to design the flier for their upcoming event, "SEW FAR~SOUL GOOD!" I had a lot of fun with this one..I decided to incorporate some drawing styles I used to practice more a few years ago. Clearly, this night will be the time to whip out your sexiest outfit to shine and mingle with the finest trendsetters, creatives, and fashionistas of the city while listening to dope music all night.

$15 advance tix are on sale NOW! With it you get, two dope DJ's all night, two live (Jeese Boykins III & Tiye Phoenix) performances, catered hors d'oeuvre's/appetizers served. Purchases of tickets for parties of ten or more at one time, are $10 each.

Tickets Available At These Fine Boutiques:
Pieces (BKLYN) 671 Vanderbilt Ave (Corner Of Park Pl.) 718.857.7211
Harriet`s (BKLYN) 293 Flatbush Avenue (Corner Of St. Marks Pl.) 718.783.2074
Brooklyn Circus (BKLYN) 258 Bergen Street (Corner of Nevins St.) 718.222.9772
Addy & Ferro (BKLYN) 672 Fulton Street (Btwn South Elliot & South Portland) 718.246.2900
Not Just Vintage (BKLYN) 1256 Bedford Ave (Corner of Fulton St.) 718.399.3617
La Vedette (BKLYN) 43 5th Avenue (Corner of Bergen St.) 718.638.6090

Proceeds From *SEW FAR ~ SOUL GOOD* Will Go To World Music Promotions & Affiliated Organizations Raising Funds To Aid The Victims Ravaged By The Recent Hurricanes In Haiti.

Info & Tix RSVP:

Hey Ladies!! Marthalicia Matarrita, painter & visionary

I met Marthalicia at one of the life painting sessions we were both booked to paint at, and been a fan of her and her work ever since. She is beautiful inside and out, and her body of work is a testament to her depth and her years of soul-searching. Her work, sometimes unsettling sometimes revelatory, is an emotionally charged journey through the labyrinth of the self...this lady shines and spreads healing vibrations.
WHAT DO YOU DO? I am a painter that paints in acrylic with mixed media. I am also developing a t-shirt company with my brothers and sister, called the M-Squared Art Production or M2. I am also a mother of a wonderful 3 1/2 year old boy, Wesly ( aka W.A.R)
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? Home is where you feel secure and safe, and my home always rest when my spirit is comfortable. It could be any where.
TRUE BEAUTY IS…When you feel super comfortable about yourself, and that affects how you see others. The light starts from within.
BEATS…Heartbeats and music. Both drive me to make art. Slower beats are more relaxing, faster ones are a rush to me, which also affect what I create or do in general.
TRUE SEXY IS…I never knew this word "sexy" up until I reached 24 years old and now I am 30. Ha. Sexy. I believe that "sexy" really is your true confidence of your true potential, and being comfortable to share your self without any judgements.
MUSIC IS MY... entire life. I was/am very very fortunate to have been exposed to so many diffrent styles of music while growing up. Its in those types of experiences that you can truly appreciate how universal music is. The sharing and the enjoyment of sound and how your soul connects to it. Its my Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.(BLD)
ART DOES NOT…Art does not satisfy the GRUMPY. Art doesn't have a price tag. When it's from your soul and your heart, true art is priceless. Art has value but no price tag with what I am saying. ( Art is everything to me in particular) I cant seem to see how art isnt, or is not.
MY NIGHTS... consist of a sequence of events. Most unpredictable. Some nights I am a mother and provider. Some nights I am Marthalicia painting live, other nights I am drained.
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…Music :: Painting :: Lenteja (lentles or split pea soup) damm, I want one now. shhhh dont tell anyone.... that's my weakness... yum....
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …is very important. The faster and sooner you know yourself, the better your able to fit in or communicate with others about your thoughts of the world around you and what effects you the most. Get to know yourself help others make the world better.
ENOUGH … with the HATE. Enough with selfish behaviors. Enough of punishing oneself and your neighbors, with thoughts and actions of destructions. Its so sad how the innocent infants and children suffer so much because of our stupidity and selfish ways. This world is suffering too. So painful to see that there is such little concern for life and LOVE for ourselves. The value here in U.S.A. is so ridiculous.
MY CREATIVITY… drives from some where or something so divine. I am just a vessel. My brain is a computer, what is inside was not my idea to configure it. Not my calling as to how I work. Truly unexplainable, my creativity is just the sharpening of the existing visual tools that I believe every one has. Some people have this ablitiy a little more refined the others, but is in our data base. A universal language.
TRUE POWER IS…I read POWER, and automatically I remember bad dictators or presidents managing others to selfish needs. Thats what happens when you live in the U.S.A. Power is MOTHER NATURE! She Rocks! True strenght and mercy comes from nature. the power to reproduce and give forth food and natural medicin in our back yard. Power to wipe out what is not good. Destroy to rebuild. Always seems to amaze me...
LIFE CAN BE... so unpredicatble. I try my best to enjoy it regardless where and when I am. The best thing you could do is to learn and be content that you are while still alive and seeing the many things that is happening around yourself. But to also remember to be content with yourself.
TO LOVE IS TO… SHARE the best of yourself with others. The display of LOVE and affection and to expect the best out of people and loved ones is healthy.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….I am not sure if I got flow.?;D
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE… is the woman that you see now, 2008. Working and being apart of the community, helping others. But I do say, I've been around other non-working women, who have 6 kids, curse, do drugs and expect only hand outs. Some treads, either good ones of bad ones, are sure to continue. There is a reason for a lack of self respect and love, but that can change if someone is there that can educate them to better themselves. Some women have fought hard to go to college and get more out of life, others just expect the same routine as their mothers and grand moms. Young mothers that don't really care, will repeat the sad cycle and their child, future mothers will still be in effect. If a child sees the greatness of other great woman around their communtiy or schools, eventualy the that image will rub off. So programs in school is a tool to secure the best for the woman of the future.
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? You can reach me at my cell phone: 646-796-4457 or on myspace.
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008? New art:: New experiences :: Helping others

This Thursday, September 25th, you'll have a chance to meet Marthalicia in person and see her amazing corpus of work. Her solo show, COMBAT ART BOOTS will be on display at DEITY, until October 7th. If you happen to miss the opening, you can check out her work at the next BROOKLYN BOUNCE, my favorite Brooklyn Saturday night with homies Dhundee & Stimulus coming up this Saturday, September 25 at Deity, 368 Atlantic Ave

Music is provided by FISH EYE, about whom you might remember reading here last month. The world is so small!

Her work will also be featured in the all-female art show I am curating, entitled BABY, LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT LOVE IS.."that will have its opening party on Sunday, October 5th at Harriet's Alter Ego.

Don't miss part of the movement!

Mama wants....EAGLE NEBULA's Cosmic Headphones!

Our girl, EAGLE NEBULA's debut release Cosmic Headphones sold out in Japan after only two weeks it had come out! News like this is very inspiring to us all...makes me want to work even hard, trusting that if you really love what you do and believe in your gift, the possibilities are limitless. Go ma!

Eagle drops rhymes of cosmic wisdom to wake up and take you to a higher more about it here.

Go Cosmic! from chipmonk on Vimeo.

Friday, September 12, 2008


This woman obviously needs no introduction. If you haven't heard of her, you must have been sleeping either in a gutter or under a rock for the last 2 years! Reppin' the west coast, Jack has been licking our ears with her west coast swagger, sexy voice and in your face style. Teamed up with Brook D'leau aka iLLaV8r, KILLING the beats, this duo has been leading the scene and making J*Davey into one of the most wanted acts around. From JACK:

WHAT DO YOU DO? i sing . i write . i emcee . i dj . i dress . i rest .
WHERE DO YOU CALL HOME? wherever i put my suitcase .
TRUE BEAUTY IS… self-defined .

BEATS… that brook d'leau make blow my mind .
TRUE SEXY IS… confidence & 5 inch heels .
MUSIC IS MY… life .
ART DOES NOT… cease to amaze me .
MY NIGHTS ARE… wild with indulgence .
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… hi heels , red lipstick , & dimly lit after-hour discos .
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … is never ending .
ENOUGH OF … ignorance , kitten heels , & jealousy .
MY CREATIVITY IS… limitless .
TRUE POWER IS… knowing how to use the power u possess .
LIFE CAN BE THE... gift & the curse , depending upon how full (of vodka) ur glass is at the moment .
TO LOVE IS TO… play the fool sometimes .
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…. i don't play by the rules .
CAN'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT.... changing my outfit a few times .
WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON .... finishing the J*DaVeY warner bros record , tracks for the Mona Visa , the Black Morris record , & a great night's sleep . . .
IN 2009, ILL BE... ur worst nightmare .
SHOUT OUTS TO.. all the boys i've loved before . . .

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO PLUG? ... J*DaVeY's double ep "the beauty in distortion / the land of the lost" is now available everywhere so please support ! stay tuned to my blog : www. missjackdavey. com

check out :


Kissey fever has hit the U.S., and her name comes up more than the weather these days. Seriously. I actually got into Kissey years ago when the boys of the Rhythm Lab started giving her radio-play back in the day in Minneapolis on The Current. Recently spending some time in NY, she is on the want list of every producer and is making waves from Sweden to Brooklyn. She's droppin' a 12 inch this month, so DONT SLEEP! From KISSEY:

WHAT DO YOU DO? vocalize/sing/scream /whisper/voice-play
WHERE DO YOU CALL HOME? 1 )Sweden 2) Funkadellicville
TRUE BEAUTY IS…is the smile that shows up on your face when you are playing
BEATS…I'm the biggest sucker for a great beat. I become extatic, excited, delerious, fanatic...everything of a amzing beat.
TRUE SEXY IS…calmnesss
MUSIC IS MY…drug. I tried stopping but I can't
ART DOES NOT…punch my button all the time, it has to be good! used to study art and have developed somestrange allergy against b-s art..a.aaaaaa
MY NIGHTS ARE…sometimes to long 6-7 am and sometimes very short 9pm
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…beats, coffee and orange juice
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …I'm acutally doing a "Oprah", well I didn't know till recently but I'm reading a lot of books about self-knowledge and being in the "now". So check on trying
to get a better self-knowledge :) hard though.
ENOUGH OF …TV programs with Nanny's!
MY CREATIVITY IS…monday morning sitting in my studio in my slacks, sun glazes through my window and my mic is heating up for a session. That's when the creativity starts.
TRUE POWER IS…keeping it real. No one can take the power of your realness.
LIFE CAN BE ...hard,hard,hard but fun,fun,fun
TO LOVE IS TO…live, breath and embrace
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….I have my Legoman-necklace on me most of the time,
CAN'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT....cellphone and iPod...and keys
WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON FOR 09? Musicwise: I don't know yet, it's still at the stage of being developed, tons of collabs coming up that is for sure.
Elsewise: I'm working on launching a internet site for Funkadellicville so that should be very exciting :D


Ok, so this beautiful lady is new to me, but has worked with some amazing people in music and I have NO idea why it took me so long to jump on board. I had the pleasure of meeting Jimi James @ The PPP listening party the other week and was completely drawn in by her soothing spirit and REAL personality. Not one of those fake the funk type chicks. Jimi brings it to you real... weather you want to hear it or not! Some big things are in the works for her, so be sure you check out her page and grab some of that music! It's bananas.. From JIMI:

WHAT DO YOU DO? I pray, hustle, multi-task, I move (travel), I strategize, network, communicate, I inspire, I help myself and others, and....I adore my family and friends.
WHERE DO YOU CALL HOME? Los Angeles. California is where I was born and raised. However, I have found home to be wherever I have felt honesty, comfort and love.
TRUE BEAUTY IS...Not forced.
BEATS...Can be studied, broken, chopped, recycled, copied, dropped, spun, hard, weak, sold, slung, bumped, rocked, ripped, stopped, and then given to put that stank on 'em.. (Was that too "deep"?, lol!)
TRUE SEXY IS...Runnin' out to the store real quick, hair lookin' 14kt crazy, a sweatsuit with no bra on (shhh..), feelin' all crusty and sweaty, ..only to be stopped and complimented by some fine cutie pie who says " You are beautiful"....Whoohooooooo! ..(Check please..)
MUSIC IS..."My thug, my cope, my drug, my feelin's run deep for you, I know"-JimiJames-(Download THE JIMIJEEZEE MIXTAPE..)
ART DOES NOT...need to be defined, understood, validated or put in a box. It is multi-dimensional and complex even where there is simplicity.
MY NIGHTS ARE...sometimes never-ending..
A man who is hairy! (beard, legs, eyebrows,...)
A man who can play the drums or keys....
A man who is good at math...
Can I keep going???.....there is so much more.
SELF knowing God.
ENOUGH OF...the blatant lies and contradictory messages that are insulting to my people and our intellect. Enough of us actually FALLING for that BS! Come on people.
MY CREATIVITY tool which I use to stimulate good feelings and evoke your soul.
TRUE the ability to have millions of people watching you and listening to you while you hold the mic......Say something. Do something will ya? You got it!
LIFE CAN BE...most challenging. Address those challenges for strength. Welcome those challenges as opportunities to grow. Try to be as positive as you can without losing your balance and aggression.
TO LOVE IS TO...sacrifice.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE...That's what i got!
CAN'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT...Everything! (hint hint...packrat)...for real tho, my laptop.
WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON FOR 09? I am working on getting my music distributed throughout the world with some great marketing behind my company JimiRah Entertainment. Looking forward to going overseas!

CD available now on ITUNES and CDBABY.COM
"Please continue to spread the word and support The Truth! ;)"

Stay tuned for the next HEY LADIES!!
Sarah White aka Artisticbling

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shamless Plug!!!!

HIDING BLIND droppin' soon......

My peoples!!!! Great news:
My EP drops finally on Sept 25th!
Check out itunes, Bagpak Music, Dj Don Cuco's page or my page to cop the goods soon...
All but 2 of the tracks were produced by Dj Don Cuco aka Rico aka my babby daddy...

CD Art by the amazing Jelsen Jargon... who is going to use design to one day take over the world.
Cover Photo by Eagle Nebula

This is how excited I am!!!!>>>>>>>>>

Also stay close because I have been working of collabs galore, and more releases will out soon, including C Train (single plus remixes!)..


Gettin UP!!!!!

Check out this video from Qtip.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hey Ladies!!! M J ZILLA of Rxlngr/21MC & YACIRA of YakBlak/YacqueValdez

Mec ZILLA is the self-described marketing genius (a title she most definitely deserves) behind 21MC, (21st Century Maroon Colony) a NY/SF based conceptual streetwear brand and Rxlngr (Rock Slinger Incorporated) her record label that showcases some of the freshest acts (like Muhsinah, J*DaVeY). Both Sarah and I have been big supporters of 21MC, since the first time their mind-blowing visual campaign appeared on the net, as well as her musical endeaevours with Muhsinah. Mec Zilla's revolutionary creative projects offer a fresh artistic and political vision for the new era. Vote Mec Zilla for president of the new colony!

M J ZILLA!!! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
aka Chilly Zilly, Marketing Genius, Owner and A& R of Rxslngr, CMO of 21st Century Maroon Colony, Director of Special Projects for DFCS and host The Supa Rawsome

WHAT DO YOU DO? I sling Rocks.
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? Wherever my heart is at the moment.
TRUE BEAUTY IS… undeniable.
BEATS… & breaks.
TRUE SEXY IS… is a joke.
MUSIC IS MY… on again off again lover.
MY NIGHTS ARE… never long enough.
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… succinct writing styles, the male form and most things made using both wood & leather.
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … and self preservation go hand in hand.
ENOUGH OF … something is usually too much.
MY CREATIVITY IS… boundless.
TRUE POWER IS… understanding one's weakness.
LIFE CAN BE THE... a challenge or it can be a breeze.
TO LOVE IS TO… accept.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…. I not and not because they tell me so.
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE… will be better versions of me.
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? Through my stomach or online.
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008? Rxlngr: New Muhsinah, Arthur LEwis & 00Genesis. 21MC: Fall '08 Mini Poncho, New prints & 21Trillion Collaboration studio.

21 MC Fall 2008 ponchos!!: Check out their website or myspace for more!

YACIRA is another one of my super impressive artist/designer/stylist/creative hustler friends with limitless creative energy and drive. If I would have to pick only one stylist for the rest of my life, I would choose her. Her imagination embodied in her accessories will take you from Himalayan forests to the dens of avantgarde fashion workshops to reconnect you with your inner sexy. Whether it's tribal- inspired jewelry, artwork, or clothes or the dopest one-of-a kind refurbished vintange sunnies (Yak Blak), Yah's creations will make you feel like a rockstar. Keep your eyes peeled for her next project, COCOLAH, a web flea market for underground artists and designers, that will make you forget about ever stepping into a mall.


WHAT DO YOU DO? jewelry, tshirts, greeting cards, vintage sunnies, stylist, hustler, moms to a teenage kid (deep breath)
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? reppin' uptown ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Inwood, Manhattan, raised in Washington Heights
BEATS…penetrate me
ART DOES NOT....conform
MY NIGHTS ARE…filled with a balance of mommyhood and hustle
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…lips, (the wrong and the right ones), teeth, the right words at the right time
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …the only true knowledge
ENOUGH OF …trying to be different by being the same
MY CREATIVITY IS…what heals me
TRUE POWER IS…being self sufficient
LIFE CAN BE THE...source of happiness or the source of despair (whoa thats deep)
TO LOVE IS still
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…...When I was born a Hurricane formed into a tropical wave that moved through the Caribbean.
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…doesn't think gender.
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU?.....through psychic energy. and/or or
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008?.....Brand new website featuring some of the dopest designers on the street (coming soon) that's where you'll see what the Yah is really made of.

Yah is also a visual artist...pretty badass if you ask me. I'm loving the symbolic-erotic world of Yah's drawing...the combination of tribal/shamanistic patterning and modern/abstract symbolism speaks to my heart. You'll see the two of us out doing live painting in the near future, so check back later for more info.

YAK BLAK vintage sunnies & S'aint Yacque jewelry
Yah is also a stylist...whew...