Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why I love women...

Each of these ladies are very unique, full of life and deserving of all the shine that comes there way. Let me shed some light on why I love to be a woman........................

Nikki Jean!!!!

Congrats goes out to this beautiful one coming from my state of birth, Minnesota. Now reppin' Philly, Nikki has been putting in her work and making amazing tracks on the solo and with her well known band, Nouveau Riche. It looks like all of the hard work is finally showing it's fruit as she has kicked of her tour with Lupe Fiasco. Her track on his album is a banger and she looks flawless, yet keeps it real on the video. Can't wait to see her live!!!

This woman is ill on the production and vocals! A legend in the making and of her time. She is changing and bending the scene--track by track. Already doing big things in 08, but don't be surprised to see her more with Mj Zilla as her manager... Endless possibilities with this woman. I've heard she has some bangin' remixes on the way, so keep your ears on the grind.

Construction from Rxlngr on Vimeo.

Alice Smith!!!!!
I had the privilege of opening up for Alice @ the Black Lily Festival in Philly last year. Her presence and the timbre of her voice has a way of making your heart ache and your knee's weak. I love the way she can open her mouth and simply release the pain, love, suffering, and bliss--right from her tongue, straight from her soul.

TK Wonder!!!!!
I first got wind on TK Wonder @ The Knitting Factory when I went to see former choir-mate Taylor McFerrin play . She jumped on the stage looking stylish and even a bit nervous, but once her lips started rockin the mic with her swift and precise flo, all tension hit the floor.. along with jaws across the club. TK is currently in Europe on a tour with her other group GAEA. Be sure to grab her EP , the official copy is about to drop.

Secret - GAEA, Giant Step party at Delano, WMC 2008

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