Sunday, December 28, 2008


Let's finish off the year right & kick aside all the worries of yesterday...this party is gonna be jumpin! I'll be live painting on (that is if you want) your face at the Afro Punk & Coup D'Etat Brooklyn NEW YEARS EVE loft party along with my illustrious painter comrades Concep, Dister, Geeta Khanna, Ibrahim, Livingroom Johnston, Sonny Bombs & Yang-chi doing murals & body paint.. and yummy food by Dante's Fried Chicken!

Afro-Punk & Coup d'etat Brooklyn Present:"The Punk-N-Paint Ball"
9pm-3am Sly Art vs. Robot City (425 Broadway btwn Canal st. & Howard st. NY, NY, 5th floor )

DJs: DJ Tahleim, Synapes, & DJ Soul and live performance by Game Rebellion , Izza Kizza
Cover: $50 Advanced Tickets (includes plate of food & Champagne toast)
$60 @ the Door ///// Open Bar from 10-11pm & drink Specials. Pay Bar after 11pm.
Expected Guests: 500 guests – Artists, Art Enthusiast, Afro-Punk supporters, Trend-setters, & Tastemaker
get your advanced ticket HERE while it lasts!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Party people in the place to be!!!!
Come out this FRIDAY night and get your dance on, in Brooklyn.

This spot in Dumbo, formally known as Toro, has 3 floors and 2 of which will be ours for the night. The 2nd floor will be the lounge for those of you who want to take a load off but still hear the music. Floor 3, will be where it's poppin' with Dj Dhundee, Don Cuco,
Nick Pepi and Josh Del Valle playing Afrobeat, Latin House, Baile Funk, Soul, Broken Beat, Dancehall, Disco and Hip Hop.
The club will be hooking us up with some recession friendly drink specials, so dont stay home cause you broke.
Live painting by Marthalicia, Atomic, Jai, Massa and Lexi Bella.

Cover:5 dolla's.
Bring a new (wrapped or unwrapped) toy for a kid in need, and you can get in 2 for the price of 1. All of the toys will be wrapped and then donated to a shelter before Christmas by yours truly.

FRIDAY DEC 19th, 2008
#1 Front St (@ OLD FULTON ST) in DUMBO.
Brooklyn, NY 11201
10pm till 4am.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

COUP D'ETAT FUNDRAISER: live art & music for a good cause

Come support the Brooklyn fam's COUP D'ETAT Brooklyn in collaboration with the Lyricist Lounge, VooDoo Ray and Children of Da Curb Holiday Fundraiser & Food Drive @ Sutra

I will be painting live and the painting will be auctioned off to support ZOTE Worldwide, a social development organization established in 2007 to offer services in education, community development, tourism, and social investments. ZOTE helps to create a positive change for individuals, communities, and businesses, starting here in Africa.

December 19th, 10pm-4am
Children of da Curb, Coup d'etat Brooklyn, Lyricist Lounge & Voodoo Ray

Performances: M.Island, Jade, Rockstar Society, Natty Fire

DJ's: Radio Rose, DJ Treats, Black Lion International Sound

Cover: $5 with Food Donation, $10 without Food Donation

Saturday, December 6, 2008


YUME GALLERY * 925 Bergen St, bw. Franklin & Classon (C to Franklin)
13 December, 2008 8pm-12am
ON VIEW: December 13, 2008 – January 9, 2008 FREE ADMISSION

A. L. I.E.N. , Audio Aesthetics, YUME, the Brooklyn Tee Party, Shadowplastic & Lichiban present
“The Adventures of LOTUSHEART

with a special guest appearance by cosmic lover, HARAKITI
an art exhibit by
featuring collaborations with fellow ninjas
Quan Luv * Diamond Girl * Jelsen Jargon * Mega * Pesu * Sarah White * Concep

“The Buddha Dharma is nowhere remote. It is close to us, in our hearts. Suchness is nowhere external. If not within our bodies, where can it be found?”
- Secret Key to the Heart Sutra by Kukai, Founder of Japanese Shingon Buddhism

Meet shapeshifter LOTUSHEART and become part of her journey to discover the Hidden Flower guarded carefully by the Challenger. On her magical journey, she encounters new, as well as old friends such as HARAKITI, who help her to visualize the glowing blossom of the Flower.

“This show is the fruit of numerous all-night-till-the-sun-rise painting sessions of the last two months, many of them spent with fellow artists who labored with me, kept me inspired and helped me to sharpen my vision. Taking the Japanese samurai and ninja tradition as a visual reference, I have tried to illustrate a number of spiritual concepts I have been meditating on for years and place them in a dreamlike setting of love and chivalry. I also wanted to make this solo show into an opportunity to honor my friends -my Brooklyn fam- by inviting them to be part of this fantasy heartland of lovers and secret monk-warriors that we created as we were preparing for the show.” Lichiban


playing unreleased tracks of the Brooklyn fam (CONTINUE)
Nikki Ntu * Raye 6 * Rucyl * Sarah White* Dhundee * Theophilus London * Waajeed/PPP* Kon & Amir * Melo-X * Jesse Boykins III * Kiva * Print

Featuring limited edition tea-dyed LICHIBAN X BROOKLYN TEE PARTY (YUME X SHADOWPLASTIC) tees
+special guest appearance by CRAZY 88s skate crew

Supported by: A.L.I.E.N, Format Magazine , Audio Aesthetics, Shadowplastic, YUME, The Brooklyn Tee Party, Good Sex, WRONGLIPS, Fusicology, The Minority Report, Coup d’Etat BK, Old Soulz, Voodoo Ray, Charles Anthony of Hustlemode, Sugarcuts Inc., Crazy 88s

LINK here for more flicks!

Friday, December 5, 2008

THIS FRIDAY:MELTDOWN with Dolphin and the Airmath

My homie and one of the most talented musicians I know, DOLPHIN is coming to town with his band the AIRMATH bringing timeless galactic sounds from the green chambers of sound.
The Baltimore-bred sonic wizard writes, sings, produces, plays several instruments and probably has over 40 records worth of unreleased music in various different genres...

check my interview with Dolphin from last year here.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ursula X Wendel///Little Dragon X LPR

YO! Check out photos from my gig @ Knitting Factory last week with Ursula Rucker, Eagle Nebula and Wendel Patrick. The photos are up on my personal blog, so peep them HERE.

Also just wanted to mention, that Ursula had Wendel Patrick playing with her, and I have been bumpin his cd since SAT! Be sure to check out his myspace for his music and his story. Found this video on his page. Classically trained too. Peep this while you relax to the sound of music!

Be sure to also check out pics from Little Dragon's show @ LPR on my blog too! They had an amazing set!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Japan loves Moni!

Hey, Im so excited to be a part if this compilation that Dj Moni put together for LUIRE Mag in Japan! It drops DEC 3rd! Check it out!

From Moni:
I take great pleasure in sharing this mixed compilation of some of my favorite hip hop and soul artists of the moment. It just so happens that most of them are also good friends, which makes the CD even more meaningful to me. I’d like to thank them for inspiring me with such great music. This CD would not be possible without the commitment of Luire, Base & Toy’s Factory, most importantly, Yoshihisa Goto and Mari Senju. Thanks to all of you and your staff. Many thanks to my family, Mami, Papi, Mau & Nene for all your love. Gratitude to my crews, Ubiquita, Friends We Love, Giant Step, Brownswood, In Joy and colleagues Gilles Peterson, Jonathan Rudnick, Maurice Bernstein, Claudia Cuseta, MdCL, Michael Adasko, Fiona Bloom, Gerard Mitchell, Jose James, Mike Vargas and a special nod to OP! Thanks to Heather Sommerfield & Johnny Vicari for making the photos happen and to Probe dms for the last minute studio session. From New York to Tokyo, to my great friends who are always there to listen, laugh and enjoy life - I love you & you know who you are!

Can’t wait to go dancing and celebrate!!

Nicolay & Kay ft. Oh No & The Luv Bugz - Tight Eyes
Probe dms ft. Sophia Lauren - Off and On Love
Hezekiah ft. Bilal - Looking Up (NeoSoul Disco Mix)
Waajeed ft. Coultrain - So Fine
Sarah White - Hiding Blind
Asen James - Know Me Well
Little Dragon - Wink
Dhundee - Season
Ovasoul7 ft. Devi Soleil - Feels Like Home
Sotu the Traveller & Aîscha - What’s Going On
GAEA ft. TK Wonder - Fantasy World
Erik Rico - So Much Greater
Bonus Track
Zaki Ibrahim - Grow Again

Thanks Moni and LUIRE and Toy Factory for making this happen!
Make sure to check out FRIENDS WE LOVE.....

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

NUBLU: live music & art today!

Come check out the new installment of the BONZAI SOUND EXCHANGE today. These guys are some serious underground heavy-hitters, so not surprising that this event has been known as one of the best live music showcases in the city (a continuation of the series they got in ROSE Lounge in Williamsburg)...and now they got live paiting added to the bill!

Lichiban & Sha (Yah couldn't make it)
DJs AmirNYC, Don Cuco & Hadyn

Taylor McFerrin & Rahj
Taylor McFerrin & TK Wonder
Möbius Collective
4am..vibe overdose!
In the heart of LES, NUBLU, NYC
62 Ave C

check a clip of TK & Taylor holding it down

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mama wants.. it BAD!

The things I would do to get my fingers on one of these shiny babies...
I've been dreaming of getting myself one of the NORD synths, and they just gave birth to a new one.. See it HERE


When I first came across LUCY LOVE, I was definately feelin' her flo and style. Then once I got a little deeper into her music, I was pleased to see her message had just as much bang as the dirty grime beats had bite. Lucy will be droppin' her debut this February so keep your eyes out and be ready to cop it, if you have a taste for grime...
She's been pushing the single NO V.I.P., which I love, because she raps about how TIRED she is with all the blingbling. Say WORD. Here is a little of what she said with an interview from a Danish national paper, Politiken:
"I’m irritated by being confronted with V.I.P. all over the place. It is all hype. You must have this bling, and if not it is a problem. Everything is status. There has to be others than me, that are tired of it"

Here's some words from LUCY LOVE for WRONGLIPS.....

I'm a rapper, performer and artist.
CPH, the cold town of Copenhagen, Denmark.
not caring what others think.
always created by the intricate mind of Yo Akim.
not to be found on MTV.
love/hate relationship.
have to make sense.
long. it's when I create.
playing supermario on my gameboy, shopping and BOYZ.
ENOUGH OF...bling & stardom. will make your heart turn cold..
MY CREATIVITY IS...unstoppable.

doing it yourself.
craziest roller-coaster ride ever.
I'm the sharpest tool in the shed.
people trip.
fixing my hairdo and making sure that I look sharp.
My debut album, which is coming in February.
in the studio or on stage with Yo Akim.

Check this video, and be sure to peep her myspace..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


One of the illest female MCs, INVINCIBLE's (bling47) dope track SLEDGEHAMMER, from her latest album SHAPESHIFTERS. Directed by Kareem Edouard. Song produced by 14KT & Haircut of the Lab Techs. Her album also features several tracks produced by our good friend Waajeed (PPP, bling47). This is real Detroit hip-hop, such that the late Dilla would be proud of. Support independent artist by investing in dope music! Here is the link to the album on itunes

To commemorate the release of Invincible's lifetime-in-the-making debut album, ShapeShifters, BLING47 dedicated an entire podcast episode to the latest & greatest of Invincible's collaborations & compilation tracks - plus as always, some B47 exclusives. check it out's free!

Mama wants...Zebra Windbreaker

by ROCKSMITH Tokyo from the Mixtape Collection.

loving this blue zebra windbreaker...Rocksmith has mastered the art of jacket design. def one of my top 3 choices. check out the entire Rocksmith Fall 08 collection, where pop art meets art deco on a spacebike ride to the frontiers of the new millenium.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hey Ladies!! AMANDA DIVA

Being a dope female MC/singer and making it as an independent artist is already enough work for a full time life hustle, but then you meet beautiful women like Amanda Diva and you are prompted to reconsider the limits of creative energy a female artist can operate with. Amanda is boss lady...she runs very successful parallel artistic paths as a super talented musician and as a painter. Her creativity is almost scarry: she is a performing singer/MC, live painter, she runs her own event series called SPECTRUM FUNK-a showcase of the hottest new talents in NYC-, she has a video blog (Amanda Diva), and she has a blog on okayplayer (trust me half of this is worth a full time job)! I got into Amanda's music last year, when I first caught Supawoman on youtube. It was love at first site. Then I found out that she painted as well, and was trying to track her down to get her into the GIRLS DREAM IN COLOR SHOW art show, I curated last month. Long story short, she found me too, and we had several chances to paint live together since, and she did end up as one of the featured artists on the show. No doubt, Amanda Diva is the real deal. Make sure to check her on Q-Tip's super dope new album, The Renaissance, where she sings on the sexy track 'Manwomanboogie'. Check her music and give her love on her myspace page.

WHAT DO YOU DO? Lol, these days it feels like what DON'T I do? To narrow it down I'd say, make music, make Diva Speak TV, make masterpieces and in general MAKE MOVES!
WHERE DO YOU CALL HOME?I'm lucky to have a couple: Grenada, Orlando, and Harlem.
TRUE BEAUTY IS…Being able to see the beauty in others.
TRUE SEXY IS…Not having to use your body to engage the laws of attraction
ART DOES NOT…Exist without style
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…Humor, Music love, Tatts on necks! Lol
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …Can be painful.
ENOUGH OF …Folks questioning Obama's genuineness. Let him get going first before the cynicism
TRUE POWER IS…Fearlessness
LIFE CAN BE THE...Most frustrating, painful, annoying journey.
I DREAM OF...My mom quitting her job because of my success and performing for U2 size audiences!
TO LOVE IS TO…Give selflessly, appreciate abundantly, and share equally.
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…Is self defining and free from gender biased hindrances
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2009? Love Experience, the next ep in my shows...and the growth and expansion of Diva Speak TV

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Breath Love Temple ::: vol 2.
check out vol. 1 at my blog

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


just found this on the dope GOTTA EAT site M.I.A. "S.U.S. (Save Ur Soul)" feat. Blaqstarr.

Mama check out dope art in NYC

I don't get out these days very often (been feverishly working on some new pieces for my solo show in December), so I've gotta get some multi-sensory stimulation in for the whole week. So it turns out that there are two art shows I want to see on Friday, and they happen to be 3 blocks away from each other (see map below) in money makin Manhattan (we make art in BK)...whew...
Come check out this dope show where art meets politricks organized by the Hustlenomics crew... I will have a few new previously unseen pieces in this show, and I am glad I had the opportunity to get some of my political thoughts out there on the canvas.

The 5th Annual Hustlenomics
Friday, November 14th 2008


@ M1-5 52 Walker st. (A, C, E, N,Q, R to Canal St) in Money Takin Manhattan


The 5th Annual Hustlenomics event is being held on Friday, November 14, 2008. This year, the team invited a diverse range of artists to create and present art pieces encompassing the theme "Politricks". The artists will display their personal perspective on American or global politics. Since this year's event falls after the elections (in hopes that OBAMA is elected our President), it won't strictly be focused on the 2008 campaign. We've asked each artist to step outside the box and produce pieces that express how important and powerful politics has been throughout the turn of the century. These pieces will represent the impacts of politics and how its affected people of different race, demographics, economics, language and gender. Hustlenomics team is working hard to make this year's event really special!

VISUAL ARTISTS 7-9pm FREE (Gallery Viewing)

Miguel Angel Perez * Bor ish* Ana Bravo* Erin Yoshi* Juandoe* Tony Peralta* Crystal Clarity* Ron.j.nub* Shaun Turner* Romeo Rex* Lichiban* Marthalicia* Atomic
PERFORMING LIVE Show Starts at 10pm:
Blitz The Ambassador & The Embassy Ensemble
Wonway and The Park Band+Special Guests
Special Guest: LEMON from Def Poetry
Hosted by kahlili almustafa & Pattydukes


2 for 1 Drinks
$5-$20 sliding scale donation after 9pm

Depending on if you want to check out BLITZ THE AMBASSADOR after the free gallery viewing at HUSTLENOMICS, or want to watch Shades of Brooklyn, the project of Sunshowah Films at the COUP D'ETAT show, you might choose to switch up the order of the gallery hopping.

Coup D'Etat fam is holding their first annual art show in production with Sly Art Gallery / Robot City.

VISUAL ART: Livingroom Johnson, Concep, One9

Photography: A. Cespedes

the episode runs of DJ Moni's Friends We Love web series and Sunshowah Films will be in the house showing some of their work.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14th Coup D'Etat Art @SlyArt vs. Robot City

425 Broadway (btw Canal & Howard) Trains: N/Q/R/W or 6 to Canal 7pm - 2am | $10 suggested donation art exhibition 7pm - 9:30pm

Featuring One9, Concep, Livingroom Johnston, Alexandra Cespedes &T Ellis G. fim screenings 9:30pm - 10:30pm short documentaries from Sunshowah Films

Afterparty 10:30pm - 2am music by DJs Tahleim & Moni FLYER:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mama check out SARAH's show!

Life has been so busy that we somehow all disappeared in our work and reduced our time out so to speak. So I can't wait to see Sarah White, yes my blog parner and one of the hottest new singers around, perform live tomorrow at Soutpaw. To add to the excitement, she and her partner-in-crime, Don Cuco will rock the stage with some serious heavy-hitters, our good friends DARU (ex-Slum Village) & KIVA.. If you read the blog, you probably heard that Sarah has a fantastic record out called HIDING BLIND (link on the right side), and she's been getting stellar reviews and lots of love from around the globe. If you haven't heard it yet, now is the time to fall in love with it.

Also performing some talented peeps I know,
Violent Sex, MEGABONE,, TK WONDER w/Taylor Mcferrin

and some that I don't, Mr Mecca, M.ISLAND, THEO, Trezure , I am also interested in learning about some of these new acts.

Tuesday, November 11th 2008 @ 8pm
SOUTHPAW, 125 5th ave Park Slope BROOKLYN NYC
$10 in advance or on the guestlist $15 general admission

The Good People at HustleMode & We Fancy Present:

When Boy Meets Girl IV

Not to be missed, people!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am still ecstatic about yesterday's turnout. Luckily, I was around friends to share the hugs, pounding heartbeats, and the feeling of unity brought on by the victory of Barack Obama, the most inspiring world leader of my lifetime.
Beautiful moments to live, indeed.

To celebrate this monumental victory, join the fam of Keistar/ Minority Report/ Stylistic Agency crew this Saturday at the PINK ROOM with Wronglips' favorite deejay, DJ Spinna will make you get your groove on. This is a dressy event, so make sure to put on your sexy swagger and your favorite dancing shoes...

SIDE NOTE: I designed this flier about a month ago for Keita of Keistar Productions...of course, no one knew the outcome of the election back then, but we were ready to celebrate CHANGE...every good thing begins with a dream!


We hoped for, believed in, prayed for, watched anxiously and counted the votes....

Barack Obama made world history last night. Beautiful moments to live through, indeed.

The world was watching and hoping for a change too. Having traveled around the world for years, I've seen the way the US began to lose its credit in the world's eye during the last 8 time has come to change that and recognize that we have come from the same source and as people we have a responsibility toward one recognize and apologize for our past wrongdoings and to assure that solidarity and love for our fellow human soul travelers win over the will to power and greed. Obama is the symbol of this, which is why he touched so many all over the world. Click on image to check the world's reaction to this historical victory.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


yo. So as if I don't have enough to do, I decided to start a personal blog. It will soon take the place of my photoblog and my journal, and will be full of exclusive tracks, downloads, photos, video blurbs..and random things I have on my mind from day to day. I just started it yesterday, but be sure to check it out on the regular. xo


Come check out Sarah and I as well as some of our favorite girlfriends/fellow movers-and-shakers/beautiful artists at the TEA LOUNGE in Park Slope, BK this Saturday Nov 1, 2008. You'll have a chance to meet in person many previously featured WRONGLIPS artists: Rucyl, Sarah are Eagle are going to stimulate your soul with some sonic gems while I am going to be live painting along with Marthalicia. Our original goal with WRONGLIPS was to connect and build with fellow artists and as you can see, it worked! Click on names to see why my girlfriends RULE! Shout out to Five Six Media for the support!
Rucyl Mills (electrocardio), Steph of Fish Eye, Sarah White (bagpak), Eagle Nebula (Epistrophic Peachsound, grooveattack), Marthalicia and Lichiban

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


i'm sure y'all tuned into these historical get further inspiration, check some Obama inspired artwork on my other blog : part 1 and part 2.
Also, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO WEAR GEAR WITH OBAMA RELATED IMAGES ON ELECTION DAY, or else you will be turned away from the polls...rock it before and after, but not on November 4th!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mama wants...MUSIC that changes things...

I am so sick of the hype...and everything the comes along with. What makes me the most irritated is that so many people with the power and the voice to really put out great energy and light into the world, fall into a life of self and waste the power within. Sorry to bitch.. but Im not sorry.. this is what a blog is for. No need for censorship.. Anyways, with that being said, once I come across someone with the power and the voice and they are choosin' to use it right, I get slapped in the face with all these warm feelings of faith in the human kind, music and art that heals. >>>>>>>
Nneka did just that for me. For some crazy reason I had never even heard of her, but she has over 1,164,540 plays on her music player on myspace and over 21,000 fans/friends. She is beautiful. Claiming WARRI-NIGERIA and GERMANY. The song Heartbeat completely blew my mind and really inspired me on a more selfless journey with my music and art. Check it out. Maybe you feel the same? This video of heart beat did not allow embedding for posting, but please take a second to check out the link:

Also watch this video of her live!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Mission Statement

Five Six Media is an example of the new music revolution. As revolutionaries, we choose sound as our weapon of choice. In this fight against the mundane, we use the universal language of music, as our means to communicate and present a new game plan, take back the control of our destiny.

We are a music label, store and production house owned by artist and producer King Britt.

We have many of the top artists in the world lending a hand in the movement. Ursula Rucker, Power Douglas, King Britt Presents Sylk 130, ObaFunke and many more to come.

The store is exclusive to music on our label. We offer A La Carte Purchasing as well as subscription service. All MP3s of the highest quality. Flac and .wav files available for special releases.

With the subscription service, you will get any and all mp3s that we put up in the year, member's only exclusive content and you will save an amazing amount of money.

From now until January, we are offering an introductory $35 yearly fee. After January it will go up significantly. So get your membership now.

Also, we will be featuring packages for djs/producers, who buy loops and sounds for programs such as Logic, Reason and Ableton. These sounds will be designed by the FiveSixMedia team and specially comissioned artists.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tonight: Nublu!!!!

If you are out tonight, be sure to hit up Nublu for a night of sexy music and good peoples.
On the Wheels, Dj Don Cuco (my baby daddy/producer) and Amir will set it off, then live sets from Taylor McFerrin, Rahj and TK Wonder. Special guest appearance by Mobius Collective.
Come thru. Ill be sitting in a corner with a swanky dress and a Guiness...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


21 MC & the HUMP welcomes back one of our favorite

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mama wants..

Ahhhhhh.. Ubiquity always gets me with their tee's. It had been a serious minute since I checked out the online store, but today as I took a peek, I fell in love with one of the shirts from the new collection. I have to show Ubiquity some love for bringing some of the best in music, tee's and slipmats..

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Little treat as a teaser, but this is only the first of many freebies coming soon...
Big ups to JTodd in the Midwest for this remix.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hey Ladies!! RAYE 6

An already familiar voice from tracks with Ghost Face Killah, Joe Budden, and M1 of Dead Prez, RAYE 6 (think Vanity, has been making a huge stir in New York City with her to sexy cameos accompanied by Bubble Girls, rose petals and eyes glued onto and mesmerized by her amazing performance. Her impressive arsenal of skills and gifts (she produces, writes and sings most of her songs & she runs biz) are only matched by her stunning looks. This beautiful lady's got quite a life story to weave into sonic vibrations, and she will pour her heart into her music without ever holding back. "Raised by a single mother Raye 6 has taken a fun spin on female empowerment. Aware and vocal of the issues facing women Raye 6 inspires the ladies to take control of their existence. Influenced by anyone who has stepped outside of the norm to create their own reality, Raye 6 brings you into her world of uncensored expression, class, fantasy and indulgence. Leading an all male band during her sexually charged performances leaves audiences feeling turned on and free." She is unstoppable. Make sure to keep your eyes out for her debut album "SHE LOOKS LIKE FUN" coming out soon. Raye's super secret birthday bash with dope guest performers, Theophilus London & Jesse Boykins III is coming up next Saturday on October 17th. Make sure to if you want to find out about the location of the show, called The Masquerade (you can imagine what that's going to be like...check the flier below for more details). Check her blog for more info here.

WHAT DO YOU DO? plot and strategize my methods of conquer my universe...
TRUE BEAUTY IS…hidden as deep as the minds secrets
BEATS…i have a band!!
TRUE SEXY IS…in the eyes of everyone that loves you
MUSIC IS MY…infinity
ART DOES NOT…have to be recognized when you're dead we live in the new renasaince
MY NIGHTS ARE…normal peoples days
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…weed, shoes and goodsex
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …is what i've finally aquired!
ENOUGH OF …computers! live in the real world!
MY CREATIVITY IS…is not defined by just my music
TRUE POWER IS…diabolical
LIFE CAN BE THE ...the biggest secret a person ever possesses
TO LOVE IS TO…tell yourself the truth
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….most of you don't (fakers!)
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…won't exist unless we take control of our surroundings, stop accepting the bullshit, and love and appreciate our fellow felines
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? in person at my next show.....fuck a computer!
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008?my future......

Seeing that I'm exploring my animal alterego in many of my work, Raye asked me to come up with a logo/emblem. This on the left is the result:)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mama wants...Ursula Rucker:RUCKUS SOUNDSYSDOM

One of the most powerful female artists of all time, URSULA RUCKER is dropping a new album...can't wait!

11.11.2008 marks the day the new album drops in stores. With production by King Britt, Dego, FishEye, Rucyl Mills, Amatus, Hugh Marsh, Kevin Arthur, Tim Motzer and Rich Medina, this album is an amazing achievement in sonics, lyrics and semantics. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!