Tuesday, November 18, 2008


One of the illest female MCs, INVINCIBLE's (bling47) dope track SLEDGEHAMMER, from her latest album SHAPESHIFTERS. Directed by Kareem Edouard. Song produced by 14KT & Haircut of the Lab Techs. Her album also features several tracks produced by our good friend Waajeed (PPP, bling47). This is real Detroit hip-hop, such that the late Dilla would be proud of. Support independent artist by investing in dope music! Here is the link to the album on itunes

To commemorate the release of Invincible's lifetime-in-the-making debut album, ShapeShifters, BLING47 dedicated an entire podcast episode to the latest & greatest of Invincible's collaborations & compilation tracks - plus as always, some B47 exclusives. check it out here...it's free!

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