Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am still ecstatic about yesterday's turnout. Luckily, I was around friends to share the hugs, pounding heartbeats, and the feeling of unity brought on by the victory of Barack Obama, the most inspiring world leader of my lifetime.
Beautiful moments to live, indeed.

To celebrate this monumental victory, join the fam of Keistar/ Minority Report/ Stylistic Agency crew this Saturday at the PINK ROOM with Wronglips' favorite deejay, DJ Spinna will make you get your groove on. This is a dressy event, so make sure to put on your sexy swagger and your favorite dancing shoes...

SIDE NOTE: I designed this flier about a month ago for Keita of Keistar Productions...of course, no one knew the outcome of the election back then, but we were ready to celebrate CHANGE...every good thing begins with a dream!

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