Monday, November 17, 2008

Hey Ladies!! AMANDA DIVA

Being a dope female MC/singer and making it as an independent artist is already enough work for a full time life hustle, but then you meet beautiful women like Amanda Diva and you are prompted to reconsider the limits of creative energy a female artist can operate with. Amanda is boss lady...she runs very successful parallel artistic paths as a super talented musician and as a painter. Her creativity is almost scarry: she is a performing singer/MC, live painter, she runs her own event series called SPECTRUM FUNK-a showcase of the hottest new talents in NYC-, she has a video blog (Amanda Diva), and she has a blog on okayplayer (trust me half of this is worth a full time job)! I got into Amanda's music last year, when I first caught Supawoman on youtube. It was love at first site. Then I found out that she painted as well, and was trying to track her down to get her into the GIRLS DREAM IN COLOR SHOW art show, I curated last month. Long story short, she found me too, and we had several chances to paint live together since, and she did end up as one of the featured artists on the show. No doubt, Amanda Diva is the real deal. Make sure to check her on Q-Tip's super dope new album, The Renaissance, where she sings on the sexy track 'Manwomanboogie'. Check her music and give her love on her myspace page.

WHAT DO YOU DO? Lol, these days it feels like what DON'T I do? To narrow it down I'd say, make music, make Diva Speak TV, make masterpieces and in general MAKE MOVES!
WHERE DO YOU CALL HOME?I'm lucky to have a couple: Grenada, Orlando, and Harlem.
TRUE BEAUTY IS…Being able to see the beauty in others.
TRUE SEXY IS…Not having to use your body to engage the laws of attraction
ART DOES NOT…Exist without style
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…Humor, Music love, Tatts on necks! Lol
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …Can be painful.
ENOUGH OF …Folks questioning Obama's genuineness. Let him get going first before the cynicism
TRUE POWER IS…Fearlessness
LIFE CAN BE THE...Most frustrating, painful, annoying journey.
I DREAM OF...My mom quitting her job because of my success and performing for U2 size audiences!
TO LOVE IS TO…Give selflessly, appreciate abundantly, and share equally.
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…Is self defining and free from gender biased hindrances
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2009? Love Experience, the next ep in my shows...and the growth and expansion of Diva Speak TV

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C-Rocka said...

Oooo I love the painting with the pregnant mama!