Monday, March 24, 2008


Sing, scat, flo, sew, style, grind, write, photograph and spread my scent on the streets..
TRUE BEAUTY IS… freedom, confidence, pleasure, giving from the heart
BEATS… are my life line.
TRUE SEXY IS… making sure all of your needs are met by any means necessary
MUSIC IS MY… outlet to express the goddess within
ART DOES NOT… have walls
MY NIGHTS ARE…my most creative moments
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… dancehall, selflessness, dreamers
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …comes from surrendering to the now
ENOUGH OF … Ego’s, Pain, the BUSH family, police brutality
MY CREATIVITY IS… about to peak
TRUE POWER… community
LIFE CAN BE... dream you want it to be!
TO LOVE IS TO…know yourself.
I’VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….I’ve got the power of the wind in my soul.

Visual artist, healer, seeker, shapeshifter, gypsy (for real), flow expert, lover. I love to help people get more free access to their own creativity. It is one of my missions in life and it is also my own inner journey. I am on a life-long spiritual search to understand the path from pain to liberation. I love faces and the stories they carry. I seek freedom in love.

TRUE BEAUTY IS…having one’s inner beauty in sink with one’s outer shell.
BEATS… are my addiction.
TRUE SEXY IS… a combination of subtlety & raw fire.
MUSIC IS MY…healer, my muse, my heartbeat, food for my soul and my body.
ART DOES NOT…put our creativity in labeled boxes. Art critics and people with rigid imagination do.
MY NIGHTS ARE…spent with my favorite activities: painting, hanging with my peeps, thinking about my next project and with lots of loving.
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…creativity, your imagination, my imagination
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … is the awareness that we have come from and are united in a higher consciousness.
ENOUGH OF …violence to any being with a consciousness.
MY CREATIVITY…is the beast within that seeks release through every cell of my being… my salvation.
TRUE POWER IS…inner freedom.
LIFE CAN BE....a bitch but there is ALWAYS a way to transcend the pain.
TO LOVE IS TO…surrender to the god within and to express the divine flow circulating in the veins of my soul.
I’VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…I found and surrendered to my true life calling.


jon jon said...

so wrong/its right,very right


Nabeela said...

I always love reading your words!

beautiful x