Friday, March 21, 2008

Hello my name is..

Sarah White..aka.. your mama. I was born and raised in the Midwest, so I come reppin' Minneapolis. During my 26 years in the city of lakes, I managed to pick up a pretty hefty itch for the arts, along with a growling in my soul almost impossible to satisfy. I loooove music, photography, underground fashion, street art, and dancing till I sweat. Although I am so excited and inspired to have finally made the leap to Brooklyn (my new home!), I am also amped to spread some light on some of the amazing artist emerging out on the Minneap. I love to express myself at every and any moment I see fit. Whether that be in bed, at the grocery store, in a freestyle session or in a photoshop haze, I feel like now is the time to shine. You cant wait for the Revolution to knock on your door. The freedom is in your hands.
I am a mama. Literally. Gave birth w/o drugs to prove I was a natural bad ass.
Here's the blessing I have in return..

Even though I know she will wake me @ 7am, I stay up till 3am working on art..

My main love in life is music. If I went a day without hearing it, making it, being it..I would melt. Check out some of my music here .

I take photo's under the name Artistic Bling. I have no idea what the name means anymore or why I decided to roll with it. Here's s taste:

Eagle Nebula


Let the blogging begin.


LICHIBAN said...

i loooooove it. i'm so exited to start this, ma! L

Mahelia de Randamie said...

Yo,you already KNOW i'll be checking back regularly!
Oh and i also gave birth without drugs!!

Lets GIT IT in 2008!

Love you guys and i LOVE the name