Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey Ladies!! Marthalicia Matarrita, painter & visionary

I met Marthalicia at one of the life painting sessions we were both booked to paint at, and been a fan of her and her work ever since. She is beautiful inside and out, and her body of work is a testament to her depth and her years of soul-searching. Her work, sometimes unsettling sometimes revelatory, is an emotionally charged journey through the labyrinth of the self...this lady shines and spreads healing vibrations.
WHAT DO YOU DO? I am a painter that paints in acrylic with mixed media. I am also developing a t-shirt company with my brothers and sister, called the M-Squared Art Production or M2. I am also a mother of a wonderful 3 1/2 year old boy, Wesly ( aka W.A.R)
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? Home is where you feel secure and safe, and my home always rest when my spirit is comfortable. It could be any where.
TRUE BEAUTY IS…When you feel super comfortable about yourself, and that affects how you see others. The light starts from within.
BEATS…Heartbeats and music. Both drive me to make art. Slower beats are more relaxing, faster ones are a rush to me, which also affect what I create or do in general.
TRUE SEXY IS…I never knew this word "sexy" up until I reached 24 years old and now I am 30. Ha. Sexy. I believe that "sexy" really is your true confidence of your true potential, and being comfortable to share your self without any judgements.
MUSIC IS MY... entire life. I was/am very very fortunate to have been exposed to so many diffrent styles of music while growing up. Its in those types of experiences that you can truly appreciate how universal music is. The sharing and the enjoyment of sound and how your soul connects to it. Its my Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.(BLD)
ART DOES NOT…Art does not satisfy the GRUMPY. Art doesn't have a price tag. When it's from your soul and your heart, true art is priceless. Art has value but no price tag with what I am saying. ( Art is everything to me in particular) I cant seem to see how art isnt, or is not.
MY NIGHTS... consist of a sequence of events. Most unpredictable. Some nights I am a mother and provider. Some nights I am Marthalicia painting live, other nights I am drained.
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…Music :: Painting :: Lenteja (lentles or split pea soup) damm, I want one now. shhhh dont tell anyone.... that's my weakness... yum....
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …is very important. The faster and sooner you know yourself, the better your able to fit in or communicate with others about your thoughts of the world around you and what effects you the most. Get to know yourself help others make the world better.
ENOUGH … with the HATE. Enough with selfish behaviors. Enough of punishing oneself and your neighbors, with thoughts and actions of destructions. Its so sad how the innocent infants and children suffer so much because of our stupidity and selfish ways. This world is suffering too. So painful to see that there is such little concern for life and LOVE for ourselves. The value here in U.S.A. is so ridiculous.
MY CREATIVITY… drives from some where or something so divine. I am just a vessel. My brain is a computer, what is inside was not my idea to configure it. Not my calling as to how I work. Truly unexplainable, my creativity is just the sharpening of the existing visual tools that I believe every one has. Some people have this ablitiy a little more refined the others, but is in our data base. A universal language.
TRUE POWER IS…I read POWER, and automatically I remember bad dictators or presidents managing others to selfish needs. Thats what happens when you live in the U.S.A. Power is MOTHER NATURE! She Rocks! True strenght and mercy comes from nature. the power to reproduce and give forth food and natural medicin in our back yard. Power to wipe out what is not good. Destroy to rebuild. Always seems to amaze me...
LIFE CAN BE... so unpredicatble. I try my best to enjoy it regardless where and when I am. The best thing you could do is to learn and be content that you are while still alive and seeing the many things that is happening around yourself. But to also remember to be content with yourself.
TO LOVE IS TO… SHARE the best of yourself with others. The display of LOVE and affection and to expect the best out of people and loved ones is healthy.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….I am not sure if I got flow.?;D
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE… is the woman that you see now, 2008. Working and being apart of the community, helping others. But I do say, I've been around other non-working women, who have 6 kids, curse, do drugs and expect only hand outs. Some treads, either good ones of bad ones, are sure to continue. There is a reason for a lack of self respect and love, but that can change if someone is there that can educate them to better themselves. Some women have fought hard to go to college and get more out of life, others just expect the same routine as their mothers and grand moms. Young mothers that don't really care, will repeat the sad cycle and their child, future mothers will still be in effect. If a child sees the greatness of other great woman around their communtiy or schools, eventualy the that image will rub off. So programs in school is a tool to secure the best for the woman of the future.
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? You can reach me at my cell phone: 646-796-4457 or on myspace.
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008? New art:: New experiences :: Helping others

This Thursday, September 25th, you'll have a chance to meet Marthalicia in person and see her amazing corpus of work. Her solo show, COMBAT ART BOOTS will be on display at DEITY, until October 7th. If you happen to miss the opening, you can check out her work at the next BROOKLYN BOUNCE, my favorite Brooklyn Saturday night with homies Dhundee & Stimulus coming up this Saturday, September 25 at Deity, 368 Atlantic Ave

Music is provided by FISH EYE, about whom you might remember reading here last month. The world is so small!

Her work will also be featured in the all-female art show I am curating, entitled BABY, LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT LOVE IS.."that will have its opening party on Sunday, October 5th at Harriet's Alter Ego.

Don't miss part of the movement!

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wonderful interview of an amazing artist. Thank you for sharing this with us