Monday, October 13, 2008

Mama wants..

Ahhhhhh.. Ubiquity always gets me with their tee's. It had been a serious minute since I checked out the online store, but today as I took a peek, I fell in love with one of the shirts from the new collection. I have to show Ubiquity some love for bringing some of the best in music, tee's and slipmats..

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Carlo said...

Wrong Lips, I loved that picture of you rocking the "Keep Vinyl Alive" tee; my blog group, Certified Fresh ( is hosting an event tonight in SF called "Save The Vinyl" for a night of Serato-Free vinyl-only spinning, and i thought that your shirt coincided with the event well and i made a post about it!

hope you enjoy our site as much as i LOVE yours, peaceeee!!