Monday, November 30, 2009

Hey Ladies!!!! LEAH HAMILTON aka LiLi Happi

It's been a while that we had a chance to feature one of our favorite ladies. We've been both in the lab, working on new projects, but we do try to keep on supporting badass artists & artistas. This month, I'm pleased to introduce you to the multitalented Leah Hamilton aka Lili Happi, a Brooklyn-based documentary maker, art buyer, creative producer, art director and overall dope woman. Bohemian at heart, Lili's got her eye on the global art scene and has been running a blog where she features some of the hottest New York artists via short documentaries she produces. In her own words, "15 years in the business as an Art Buyer, a few years as a Creative Producer and a lifetime of artistic inclinations, collections,artsy friends, associates and dreams have molded me into this stage of life I call LiLi Happi. Through my quest to share my own personal experience with art and the artists who make it, I created a viral show and mag-vlog for people "who are what they art"" Check it out here!


WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? home = mind = heart. and then there is Venus
WHAT DO YOU DO? I do for self so I can do for others
TRUE BEAUTY IS…false unless you embrace the flaws. for they are the seeds that will bloom into the beauty you'll be.
BEATS…life can't exists without the throbber. heart beats... best break ever.
TRUE SEXY IS…sexy is in the mind of the beholder
MUSIC IS MY…heaven. when i die. let me go to jazz.
ART DOES NOT…apologize. there is nothing that art can't do.
MY NIGHTS ARE…where my creativity grows
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…gentle eyes // peaceful confidence // free spirits
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …indeed we like that ! ... knowledge of self is the most important thing my mom ever taught me to learn and accept.
ENOUGH OF …the organic hype. if you believe it you got deep pockets.
MY CREATIVITY IS…unleashed daily
TRUE POWER IS…preservation and control of ones mind.
LIFE CAN BE work of art if you share the canvas
TO LOVE IS TO…let go. there are so many things in the world to touch.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…I'm not afraid of failure
NEW PROJECTS FOR 2009? I'm already in 2010. doc launch, t-shirt launch, art basel 2010 and moving some important works into the homes of some very important people
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? but you have to create your best happy face art and send it or you won't hear back from me.
SHOUTOUTS? on Venus we don't shout we smile.

CHECK OUT ONE OF her projects featured on Current TV

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