Friday, November 27, 2009

Cop it! Good Cause Too!

M.anifest is blessing us all once again with a gift that keep on giving. His newest release The Birds and the Beats is available for free to the masses.. His only request? Donate a lil' something (or a BIG something) to the "Young Entrepreneurs Africa," (YE,A). 
Check me out on the intro track, Born Free and also Walk Away! Keep your ears ready for a new project with M.anifest and Myself, under the name S & M.. coming soon...
From M.anifest:
I'm happy to liberate the Full Album/Mixtape, "The Birds And The Beats," for free today Nov 20, which happens to be my born day as well. Kindly do share with your readers.
Being from the mother of all motherlands, I thought this would  be a useful opportunity to promote a cause as well: 
"Young Entrepreneurs Africa," (YE,A) - a nonprofit giving tools and skills for African Youth to get theirs the entrepreneurship route and not have to rely on charity. The complete rhyme
 and reason of it all is at

I work with some incredible musicians who dedicated massive amounts of time and talent to make this happen so I couldn't take full credit for this release. The download includes liner noteswhich is a first for free digital releases as far as I know. We give thanks.

Production Credits: G Mo, Budo, O-D, Katrah-Quey, 40 Winks, Dee
Vocal Features:
 Krukid, Sarah White, Dodi Phy, Mandi