Friday, April 4, 2008

KFC 6 feet under

Yo. Check out Dante's Fried Chicken Party this Sunday, celebrating Scottie B's birthday. His parties are always off the chain, and the food is amazing! Save me some nuggets or its on.
April 6th- Party starts at 5pm ends when you cant dance any more or until Dante kicks us out.

Galopagos///70 N 6th St, Brooklyn NY 11211
$10 with rsvp ( $15 door

Menu, banging as always:
Pumpkin Pie Fry Chicken/Tofu
Coconut Salmon/Tofu Casserole
Tomatillo Collard Greens
Spanish Black Eyed Peas

Music by Scottie B, Rye Rye, Dj Kswift, Pursuit Grooves Kissey Asplund and many more!
Read more on Dante's parties and see some pics @ the Rhythm Lab and more info on the event here

1 comment:

C-Rocka said...

Damn I wish I lived in NYC!

Have fun ladies...