Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New York show love to KON! Giant Step & DJ Spinna present: JOURNEY: A BENEFIT FOR KON :: SEPTEMBER 10, 2009 THURSDAY @ SANTOS

I had recently found out that one of my oldest friends KON has fallen seriously ill and was hospitalized for weeks...but only after I talked to him, did I found out what a serious threat he had to fight off. KON, one-half of the legendary duo Kon & Amir (Kings of Digging, Off Track :: BBE) is my favorite disco Jockey and is hands-down one of the most brilliant musical talents out there, and I feel very lucky to have been exposed to his vast collection of rare disco, boogie, soul & funk records he had been collecting for decades...most of what I know about disco and boogie I learned from him (check my feature on him and Amir from last year here). One of his genius is the ability to break down a song he is hearing to its basic rhythm structure, mood and energy level and then pull out of his memory a track that would match and flow seamlessly with the song...of course, most DJs do this with varying degrees of skills but he had actually mastered this with a vast mental library of music...his mixes have a type of flow that is very hard to master. The real test of this comes to light in his ability to move crowds on a level I only see the best of DJs can achieve. This Thursday some of New York's finest DJs will come together to raise money to support KON while he is recovering, showing how much respect he has in the game. Check out Kon's blog to get the updates from the man himself and while you're there make sure to listen and download his prized mixes. Oh and leave him a note if you can, since as I was telling him last time we were on the phone, he probably has no idea how much love is out there for him...good energy is something that could certainly help to speed up his recovery.
For those who further want to dig into the amazing musical world of Kon & Amir host their monthly radio show with free downloads!

Giant Step & DJ Spinna present


100% of the proceeds will go to our friend Kon...

Acclaimed DJ, legendary digger and our good friend Kon (of Kon & Amir fame) has been hospitalized lately which has left his pockets flat, not fat. Come out and celebrate helping the homie out, with some of New York's illest DJs. On the set:

(I also heard that DJ Premier will make a surprise appearance as well)

Kon and Amir are two of the most extraordinary but underrated beat diggers in the game." -- Lord Finesse

"Kon and Amir are legends in the beat digging game. Their compilations and mixtapes are classics and represent a style of Djing that's true to the essence of Hip-Hop." -- A-Trak

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