Friday, April 16, 2010

VONY x REA present :: 'Kids Dream In Color' Spring Workshop x Lichiban

The organization I've been involved with as a teaching artist/ art mentor Voices of New York (VONY) recently teamed up with a New York-based architectural design firm Real Estate Arts (REA) to hold a week long art workshop called Kids Dream In Color (KDIC). Ten very talented and gifted kids were chosen to participate in a one of a kind art immersion where they had to recreate the Empire State Building using common, eco-friendly art materials. The challenge was to re-envision the building in the year 2400 as a green, earth-friendly building, a futuristic symbol of a new Empire State of Mind.
Romeo and Miles sharing a laugh on the way to the field trip to the Empire State Building
The kids drew their inspiration from this iconic building. The amazing art deco interior design of the Empire State (1st row). KDIC kids Saya, Ciara and Jalen enjoying the trip to the Empire State (2nd row). Aric (videographer) and Sue (VONY founder) documents every kid's artworks while Lori (right) from REA (3rd row) oversees Nathaniel's work. REA staff took some time off to mentor each kid individually(4th row).
We used a 10 minutes visualization exercise using my work, DORJE as a visual guide to time & space travel to the galaxy where DORJE would serve as an imaginary guide to introduce the kids to alternative ways of imagining a green future.
(from left to right) Quest, Ciara, Saya, and Miles together with the other KDIC participants took a break from the workshop and walked around the block & checked out a local gallery.
Kecia finishes her version of the building (top left). REA staff focuses on mentoring the kids to finish up their projects (top right and lower left). The VONY team took a break and went outside with the kids to get some fresh air (lower right).

The passion of these kids for the arts illuminated every "building" they've created. The workshop ended with a very successful exhibition of the kids' artworks. Everyone at attendance in the exhibit- the mentors, parents, and especially the kids-, couldn't be more proud of all the beautiful artworks created through all their hard work.

*Voices Of New York has more incoming art workshops and projects, e-mail voicesofnewyork(at) for more details.
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