Friday, May 2, 2008

Hey Ladies! TRACY PEREZ & the Fly Ladies of MISSBRUNO

We live in a new era. The female side of our collective human creative conscious is experiencing a massive renaissance. It is a creative energy that is much needed for our world today having global economic, military and ecological disasters waiting to happen around the corner. After centuries of being kept out of the educational systems, we finally have a chance to shine and contribute equally to the world by birthing not only the new generation of creatives BUT ALSO the new generation of concepts, art, music, film and everything in between.

Shirley & Marjorie of MISSBRUNO

I've been following the creative journey of these two fly ladies since last year when I first saw their amazing scarf collection while sailing the net. Living in Brooklyn and having a first-hand chance to experience of BK's endless creative output, I start to realize how much of world's global aesthetic is shaped by visionaries I encounter daily. These ladies combine hard-working enterperneurship with a flawless artistic vision. Missbruno's avantgarde creations prove that fashion is a body art and can be one of the most immediate form of self-expression. Check out and give some love to these badass talents on their website and myspace page. Also, come take a peek at some of the newest collection Shirley and Marjorie are going to be showcasing at the upcoming FROM THE SOURCE show at SMOOCH on May 8th. Below is their joint answer to the ongoing WRONGLIPS questionnaire.

WHAT DO YOU DO? Design for the line missbruno, make films and good music.
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? Brooklyn and Croix–Des-Bouquets, Haïti.
TRUE BEAUTY IS… imperfect and character.
BEATS…Right now we’re up on Icy Demons, Coupé Decalé and Shuggie Otis.
TRUE SEXY IS… without question.
MUSIC IS MY… belt. It holds everything up.
ART DOES NOT… like getting flowers on birthdays, Valentine’s day or Christmas.
MY NIGHTS ARE…complicated!
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…#3 pencils, finding and falling in love with new music, cheesy musicals
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … is being able to see the colors bouncing off of everyone.
ENOUGH OF … wearing those kaffiyeh! That is unless you are showing your solidarity with Palestinians.
MY CREATIVITY IS… inspired by graphic prints and African fractals right now.
TRUE POWER IS… declaring and living your independence.
LIFE CAN BE the aso oke fabric we like to cut from. Individual strands of silk & cotton are weaved together by one hand to create something that’s unlike any other.
TO LOVE IS TO… make a revolution every day.
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…missbruno awakens the explorers in us...from digging for fabrics in unlikely places to planning our next adventure in the Caribbean.
We’re all over ..


This beautiful Harlem-bred lady has one of the most impressive resumes I've encountered in a long time. She is a visionary at heart and she's got all the skills to realize her ideas: she acts, directs, writes, produces. I will let her bio speak for itself...I warn you this is just a partial intro, to learn more about her and read her full list of achievements, check her page here.

WHAT DO YOU DO? dream, study the human condition, make pictures
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? the space between pleasure and pain - it's warm!
TRUE BEAUTY IS…unmasked, raw emotion
BEATS…make me feel the earth again
TRUE SEXY IS…unbridled passion tinged with a sense of humor, kindness without expectation
MUSIC IS MY…lifeline
ART DOES NOT…close the door
MY NIGHTS ARE…pulsing fire
THESE 3 TURN ME ON…rhymes, wit, creativity
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …is the roadmap to freedom
ENOUGH OF …holding back from bettering one's self, dehumanizing people
MY CREATIVITY IS…expansive, spreading through the cracks
TRUE POWER IS…regenerating love
LIFE CAN BE THE...only reason you need
TO LOVE IS TO…cultivate growth without using fear as a weapon
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….the tides of my life tell me so!
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…considers no ceiling and stretches to a boundless sky
WHERE CAN WE REACH YOU? where the wild things are

"After a brief spell in the music industry, she decided to pursue acting with the goal to push beyond the boundaries of how women of color are perceived in theater and film, to approach roles varying in depth and range. She has worked in notable venues such as Ensemble Studio Theater, Center Stage, Repertorio Español, HERE and with companies such as Cornerstone Theater Company and Project 400. She has also performed at the Nuyorican Poet’s Café in Miguel Pinero’s one-act, Sideshow (HOWL Festival ’03). Her versatility has driven her to work on the British play, Gut Girls and worked on the timely play, De Donde and several pieces by J. Anthony Roman at the Rebel Verses Theater Festival. With aspirations to also direct, she has worked as an assistant director for Glory Sims Bowen and Charmian Creagle at the Looking Glass Theater’s 2003 Spring Forum, which then led her to make her directorial debut the following year in the East Village’s Red Room Theatre with an original play, Checkmate. Film is an equal, if not significant passion, having worked on several shorts, including St. Paul [Kulture Machine Productions], which won Best Short at the NY International Latino Film Festival and the Audience Award at the Columbia Student Film Festival in 2005. She was among the leads in the award-winning short, Collision and her most recent short, Suavecito, premiered at the 2007 NY Int’l Latino Film Festival.

She's is currently co-producing and acting in one of the pieces titled GONE -"The loss of innocence and love in the time of war" in NO MATINEES, authored by J. Anthony Roman, which features la creme de la creme of NYC talent from June 10-15th @ Centerstage. For more info check the myspace page or website.

On the cine tip, she was one of the leads in the short film, Departure, by Mauricio Alexander, where she played a painter. She's is also writing her first short, entitled Breathe Easy." Whew, this woman is unstoppable!


"Life can’t get any worse for Hero until he finds himself resurrecting a friendship, recovering love and saving his soul in the dawn of the summer blues."
Tracy is also a producer, having successfully completed HERO THE GREAT, where she teamed up with writer/director Juan Caceres, after their initial partnership on Juicy. The film was awarded the Honorable Mention in Narrative Film prize at the Humboldt Film Festival. Stay tuned as Hero will be making its way to the film festival circuit in 2008.


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