Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hey Ladies!!! Through the Camera Obscura 2


I met Stephanie through my good friend, Jelsen, who always refers me to amazing artists. After browsing through her work, I was blown away. I love Stephanie's composition and the incredible warm mood she achieves through her use of color/ tone. She's got a really cool blog as well, make sure to check it here.

WHAT DO YOU DO? click photos, send letters, observe & create.
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? BK 4 today...excited to see where i eventually Land.

TRUE BEAUTY IS…in everyone.

BEATS…make me shiver.

TRUE SEXY IS…feeling inspired.
MUSIC IS MY…memory, my soundtrack.

ART DOES NOT…have boundaries.

MY NIGHTS ARE…filled with focus.

THESE 3 TURN ME ON…laughter, creative passionate minds, boys on bikes.
SELF-KNOWLEDGE …is what i strive for.

ENOUGH OF …pretentiousness.

MY CREATIVITY IS…what gets me through each day.
TRUE POWER IS...a lifeforce filled with good intentions. LIFE CAN BE THE...exact thing you want it to be.
TO LOVE IS TO…feel light & free.

I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…i can't stop won't stop.

THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…are holding it down today.


WHAT'S NEW FOR 2008? crossing bridges, turning pages, opening doors, walkin on through.

AMANDA ADAMS LOIUS aka Lafotographeuse

Lafotographeuse is Amanda Adams-Louis’ artistic nom du plume. Both her studio portraits and her event photos have a dynamic quality and an intensity I really love. "At age 14, she fell in love with photography on the Charles Bridge Tower in Prague, Czech Republic and has been shooting ever since. A visual griot trained in the art of imagery, she is influenced by Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro. She has a BFA degree in photography from Pratt Institute."

WHAT DO YOU DO? Visual griott (female form of griot) I utilize images to convey visual narratives and/or stories for a variety of purposes, art, commercial and documentary. My primary subject matter is social gatherings.
WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? Where my heart and friends are, currently Brooklyn
TRUE BEAUTY IS… self-love, courage and ambition
BEATS… Global soul, dance music, classic disco, gay "Cage Aux Foelles" disco, jazz, alternative rock, golden age of RnB- RnB, progressive and minimal techno, spanish rock and a little bit of Hip Hop
TRUE SEXY IS… genuine self confidence, talent in one's and love craft or career path (when you love what you do)
Black ART DOES NOT… get the respect or representation that it deserves. Though progress has been made. While there are several institutions that are dedicated to Black/ Art of the African Diaspora, I do not think that there is enough "main stream" fine art and commercial representation out there for us black artists, particularly black women.
MY NIGHTS ARE… spent shooting events, brainstorming, dreaming, sleeping,
THESE 3 TURN ME ON… kissing, sucking, fucking
SELF-KNOWLEDGE … is oh so necessary
ENOUGH OF … the price of gas going up, reality TV, bashing the Obama family and the current administration's horrible decision making
MY CREATIVITY IS… part of my soul
TRUE POWER IS… intelligence, education and the ability to think for the long term
LIFE CAN BE THE... greatest and the worst, it just depends on the day (and usually one's bank account)
TO LOVE IS TO… trust yourself to do it and the person or people you are loving
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE…. I put my work into everything and everything into my work
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE… Michelle Obama of course
Going to grad school, working on getting a book published

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