Sunday, July 20, 2008


If you live in Brooklyn, you know that there is no shortage of beautiful people walking around rocking the freshest gear. BK has been setting global trends, and you can be assured that many of the styles that end up getting picked up by major fashion houses were inspired by emerging designers debuting their creations on the streets of NYC, just like those of RAGGAMUFFIN Design, a super fly female-run design collective.

WRONGLIPS is all about supporting and introducing to our circle of friends other fellow creative women. I've been seeing these fly ladies everywhere (BK Hip-Hop Festival, Afropunk Fest, Harriet's Alter Ego) rocking their amazing dresses. Check these collab pieces with Coup D'Etat BK and Concep. Soon to be in stores! Until then, you can catch them at various outdoor events & trunk shows.

And if you wonder what's the concept behind the name, here are some of their own words...GO LADIES! Check them on myspace.

Who is a RAGGAMUFFIN? - originally used by the British as a degrading term for those in the lower classes... specifically "poor- shabbily clothed street urchins". It later evolved in the dancehalls of Jamaica to describe those individuals who did not readily conform to the rules of society and preferred to follow their own path in their own individual style. RAGGAMUFFIN DESIGNS embodies this spirit. A clothing line "perfect for the woman who craves individuality...and even better for the woman that lives by it."

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