Monday, July 7, 2008

ON A CLOUD: PPP new single drops today!

Sarah and I are huge supporters of Waajeed and his band PPP, formerly known as Platinum Pied Pipers (believe it or not, they had to change it to PPP due to a law suit by the Pied Pipers, a long forgotten band from the 40s, who were complaining about the meager internet traffic apparently hijacked by PPP...little do they know, they probably got more traffic since PPP came onto the scene!). Today is a big day for PPP fans, as ON A CLOUD, their first single from their new album ABUNDANCE is finally available. The first single features new vocalist Karma Stewart, a singer whose powerful vocals recall Aretha Franklin soul-sweeping force, while the beautifully layered instrumentation blends elements of Led Zeppelinesque rock & roll, soul and gospel flavored melodies matching Detroit's Motown legacy with high energy horns and drums into a sound that is super fresh and is so characteristic of PPP's pioneering musical experiments. On the flip side is similarly big “Angel,” featuring their amazing new vocalist Coultrain, who wrote the majority of the songs for the album. During my interview with Waajeed, while listening to the new album, all I could do is to keep repeating ...."it's gonna be HUGE!" Just wait until you hear, "Pigenhole"...Indeed, this album is a gem.

THURSDAY, JULY 10th at SUTRA (16 1st Ave, NY), with old-time friends, T3 of Slum Village and DWELE .

Also, PPP have already begun touring with the album, so if you're lucky, you can catch them killin'em softly at SOUTHPAW (125 5th Ave, Brooklyn), as they will provide the highlight of the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival at the Official Afterparty, along with DJ House Shoes, Invincible, DJ Parler. (I'll be painting live at the VIP tent during the day at the festival!) You can peep the PPP page for the concert schedule

I can't give away much now, but make sure to check back later for the reference to my interview with WAAJEED about his musical journey from Detroit to Brooklyn, about the birth of the new album, finding the new cast, future directions, and everything else in between.
This just came from Waajeed...get a taste of the making of the album

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Gregorio said...

You can catch PPP at the afterparty for the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival at Southpaw July 12th 9pm. Go to for more info.