Wednesday, January 7, 2009

NYCART: Avantyard is back

Curator and photographer/photo illustrator Malik Yusef Cumbo has put together a new exhibition called "Icons". Featuring two generations of photography; mother and son photographers, Fikisha Cumbo, and Malik Cumbo, and also the fine paintings of Kip Omolade.

Live music will be produced by Jamaki Knight, Brooklyn's hardest-working drummer, along with some of the top players and vocalists in the NYC area like Gregory Jackson, Masauko Chipembere, Kwame Brandt Pierce, Nucomme,The Welfare Poets, Bside Frankenstein, Abja, Letha, plus many more special guests.

Resident DJ's Ahficianados, Majestic Twinsound, Metaphysic and Ian Marquis make sure both floors are always jumping with an eclectic blend of Afro Soul, Roots, Dance, and Hip Hop.

The Avant Yard:
25 Avenue B between 2nd and 3rd.
8pm until
Free before 9 with drink specials and $5 after.
See you then!!!!

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